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You can now integrate your Commusoft account into Zapier. That means you can create powerful new workflows by zapping data from Commusoft into the other applications you use. ⚡

It's incredibly simple to set up and is currently programmed to allow you to zap data from new diary events, contacts, and office tasks into third-party apps.

You can setup the integration via the Zapier app marketplace, here.

What is Zapier?

Zapier logoIf you're wondering what on earth we're talking about, zapping this and zapping that, no problem. Let me first tell you what Zapier is.

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects over 1,000 different apps together. This lets you automate tasks without any coding and without developers creating specific integrations. You can get a free account (with a limited number of workflows), as well as premium accounts for larger businesses.

With a few clicks you can connect the apps you use on a regular basis, like Google Calendar, MailChimp, Dropbox, (and many more) to create new custom workflows. For example, every time you get an email with an attachment, Zapier could automatically download that file and send it (or 'zap' it ⚡) to your Dropbox account, without you lifting a finger.

Now that Commusoft integrates with Zapier, you can easily create zaps that are triggered by your Commusoft account. First, setup here:

What can I zap?

Once you've been invited to use the Commusoft integration, you'll be able to create triggers based off of new office tasks, new contacts, and new diary events.

This means that whenever one of these triggers occurs within your Commusoft account, Zapier can respond with an action of your choice.

Commusoft triggers within Zapier

After you've select the trigger you wish to use, you'll need to set up the response. This could be an action in any third-party app that works with Zapier - the choice is yours! Let's check out what that might look like in the example below.

Zapier workflow for Commusoft diary event to Google CalendarYou can see here that we've created a zap with 'New Diary Event' as the trigger, linked to Paul's Commusoft account.

Below that is the action - what Zapier will do when the trigger occurs. In this case, Zapier will create a new event in my Google Calendar account. This will zap the date, start and end time, and description from Commusoft into Zapier - it's completely automated, so I just need to let it run.

That's just one example. You can create numerous interesting workflows that fit with your business needs and apps.

A few examples:

  • Zap a new Commusoft contact into Google Contacts
  • Zap a new Commusoft office task into Trello or Google Tasks
  • Zap a new Commusoft diary event into your calendar software

Please note, you cannot zap data from third-party apps into Commusoft. The integration only works with Commusoft as a trigger, not as an action. 

Setup the integration

The Zapier and Commusoft integration is available to setup from the Zapier app marketplace, which you can access here:

Commusoft on Zapier

Are you happy with the work we're doing? We'd appreciate it if you let us know in a review - we love reading your feedback! You can review Commusoft here.

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