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Jason Morjaria
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Version 4.13 released
This week we've released an amazing new integration and a set of improvements which will make managing stored cards much, much easier.


Commusoft has partnered with Worldpay to bring you another choice when integrating card merchants into your Commusoft account.

It's now possible to link existing Worldpay accounts directly into Commusoft.  You'll be able to take payments seamlessly through Commusoft's web application, saving you time as Commusoft will mark an invoice as paid and actually take the payment by card from your customer.


Saving cards has been supercharged

We've improved the mechanism for saving cards in Commusoft.

Now not only can you store cards when you're taking a payment, but you can click into Quick linkon the customer screen and click to view and add new stored cards.  It's quick, easy and incredibly powerful.


Performance and bug fixes

We've made a number of key bug fixes and performance improvements based on client feedback.  While we've got a lot of other really interesting features coming in the next few weeks, we're going to be very focused on squeezing every second of performance out of the system, making your overall experience faster and more enjoyable.

Version released

This minor release includes half a dozen bug fixes as well as a change to how we managing deleting advertising types.  This will stop clients from deleting an advertising type in system settings when it has been assigned to a customer.

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