Worldpay will no longer store card verification codes (CVC)

David Coles
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As they are making changes to meet SCA requirements in order to improve security, they have also made the decision to change what card details they store on their system. This will therefore mean that Commusoft’s card storing feature will be affected.

What will this mean?

Once Worldpay has implemented the SCA changes, they will no longer be storing customers' CVC numbers (card verification code). This then means that when using a stored card on Commusoft to complete any payment, the customer will have to be present to confirm their CVC every time in order to pay.

With this change, you may want to consider different ways to complete payments. Online payments are one way you could streamline this process, as this will allow the customer to pay on their own device at any time, anywhere.

Haven't heard of the SCA changes? Click here to read the blog.

Why has this been done? 

These changes mark further attempts from payment companies to help improve security and protection for their customers against fraud.


If you have any questions about these changes, or if you experience challenges taking payments via Commusoft, please get in touch with the support team ( who can assist further.

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