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Having now completed beta testing, the highly anticipated Job Arrive & Job Report Workflow Templates feature is now fully released on the Go Paperless plan and above! 

To help you get up to speed with this powerful feature we hosted a webinar, so be sure to sign up below to receive the recording!

What do workflow templates do?

At Commusoft, we know that filling out job reports is a crucial element of your engineers’ day. However, to cover all types of job, these questions have previously been generic, which may result in a less than optimal customer and user journey.

No matter the job, engineers have always completed the same job report, which could lead to valuable information being unrecorded and jobs ultimately not being reported correctly. A much better experience would be to create unique and detailed job reports specific to each type of job that you offer. So that’s exactly what we have done - and much more:

  • Customise engineer workflows for each type of job
  • Build more detailed and complex site questions
  • Set different workflows for different engineers on the same job
  • Customise which engineers need to collect signatures
  • Choose which answers appear on job reports and invoices

With all these features, you, our clients, can access greater customisation, better functionality, and take more control over your job reports. Take a look below!

Build workflow templates

You can now build both Arrive Workflow Templates and Job Report Workflow Templates from the system settings screen.

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 09.54.17

Workflow templates are built with our new question builder, which is incredibly customisable, enabling you to choose from a multitude of options compared to the standard arrive and leave questions. Additionally, you can utilise advanced tools like dependencies and defaults, plus choose which questions and answers show on invoices and job reports (a much-requested change!).

Smaller workflow pic condensed

We have designed this new question builder to not only allow increased specificity for job reports, but also to improve the overall mobile experience for engineers as well.


Previously, job arrive/leave questions were all on a single page on the engineer's phone, no matter how many questions there were. To help organise and break up the questions in a logical way, you can now add multiple pages.

As well as pages, a workflow template can be organised and broken up using the 'section' field. This allows you to group questions into subsections on a page and add a bold title above that section. We recommend using both pages and sections to make your questions easier to follow and navigate, ensuring engineers understand what information is required.

Customer signatures

We understand that requiring every engineer on site to collect the customer's signature when they arrive and leave site could be frustrating for both users and customers. With the new workflow templates, you are now able to toggle the customer signature on and off for different workflows independently. This option can be useful as it allows you to create some templates that require signatures and others that don't.

Customer leave signature

For example, for a job where multiple engineers are attending the property, you could only require the first engineer to record the customer's signature, whilst additional engineers do not need to. This saves the customer from having to repeatedly sign multiple signatures for each engineer on-site!

Set workflows by job description

Not every job is the same. For example, a service job is very different to an installation - and a breakdown job is very different to completing a routine certificate. So why should you ask the same questions for every job?

You've seen above how you can create workflow templates that empower you with complete control over what your engineer's record, the next step is choosing which job descriptions they relate to. When configuring a job description, you can now assign an Arrive Workflow and a Job Report Workflow, which will trigger those workflows to run when an engineer is arriving at or completing the matching type of job.

job report workflows default

A different mobile experience for different engineers

As you can see in the above image, you can assign more than one workflow template to a job description. This gives you the ability when booking a job to manually choose which set of questions is used for an individual diary event - for example, by engineer seniority, by day of work, or by the first engineer on site.

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 10.14.21

This is especially great for jobs with multiple engineers, helping you to only gather relevant information from each engineer and reduce the number of signatures a customer needs to provide.

These new settings will allow you to create a variety of different workflow templates that you can assign to specific job descriptions, allowing you to collect all the information you want!

Watch the Webinar now

Sign up to view the webinar recording!

This webinar walks you through how this powerful new feature works, looking at the many benefits it can have for your day-to-day operations.


Before implementing this feature...

Should you decide to use the job arrive workflow templates and the job report workflow templates, it may be worthwhile starting with test jobs so you can get to grips with the new feature. It is also essential that you have your mobile users update the Commusoft app to the latest app version available.

This will allow engineers to benefit from the improvements we have made to this feature, as well as various other improvements to the app in general. We hope you choose to use the job arrive workflow templates and the job report workflow templates, as it allows you to tailor and enhance your mobile experience further for both your customers and your mobile users. We stress again, try this out on test jobs and implement it in small stages.

These templates will be included in addition to the original arrive/leave questions, which will remain active as default if these new templates are not set up.

Want to get started?

Job Arrive and Job Report Workflows will be available on the Go Paperless plan and above, to learn more about upgrading to the Go Paperless plan and utilising this brand new feature, you can book a call with the our team here.

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