Feature now released: New arrive and leave questions for job reports

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This feature has now been released, find more information here.

Our upcoming new feature, arrive/leave workflow templates is currently in beta testing before it is made available on the Go Paperless plan and above.

Many of our clients have requested to better tailor their job reports and on-site questions for engineers, which is exactly what we've been working on! However, due to the increased complexity of this feature, we decided to run a beta test with a limited number of clients.

Your feedback is invaluable and can ensure that we roll out this new functionality smoothly.

Improved job reports and on-site questions

We don't want your engineers to miss out on key information or not report a job correctly due to using the same generic job report and questions for all types of job. This can be frustrating for users and result in a poor journey for your customers. A much better experience would be to create unique and detailed job reports specific to each type of job that you offer. So that’s exactly what we have done!

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We wanted to allow you greater customisation, better functionality, and more control over your job report questions. The job arrival workflow templates and job report workflow templates will allow you to create multiple sets of question templates that you can assign to different job descriptions. The feature will also include a new improved question builder packed with functionality so that your engineers don't miss a single piece of critical information! 

Beta is now closed

Please note that the beta now has enough participants so is now closed, we will update you once we fully release the feature for all clients eligible. This includes clients on the Go Paperless, Customer Journey and Automation plans.

If you are not on one of the above plans, then you will not be eligible for the beta test or this new functionality. That includes clients on our Start-up plan or any legacy plans (e.g. A Paperless Office plan). If you wish to discuss our new and upgraded plans with our team, please click here to book a call with us!

Thank you to all clients who had an interest or registered for the beta test. It will help us offer the best possible functionality and ensure it is deployed as smoothly as possible!

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