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Letting a customer know that you or an engineer are en route is not only good practice, it's just common courtesy. Nobody likes unannounced visitors (and if they tell you they do, they're lying), particularly when those visitors are charging them to boot. Keeping your customers posted via email, SMS or even just a good, old-fashioned letter, allows them to make sure they're in when your engineers need access and gives them a chance to let you know about anything that needs to be taken into consideration - from broken doorbells to Rottweilers.

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We've got various ways to keep your customers in the loop through Commusoft, and even a way to automatically follow up after 'X' number of days, just to give people a bit of a nudge if they don't get back to you to confirm an appointment. Have a read below on how to set these communications up so you can make sure that everybody is up to date whenever.

Setting up your access communications:

If a landlord or estate agent has already confirmed with you and/or your engineers that a job needs to take place, they may well ask you to contact the tenant (at the actual work address) yourself in order to book in a convenient slot in which the job can take place.

This can be enabled when setting up the job (through 'Advanced options' in the job creation workflow). Just select 'Communicate with work address' and the workflow that gets triggered will carry itself out from there.

In terms of getting the word out, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat - or to let a customer know when an engineer is going to be paying them a visit. In Commusoft, you can decide between Email, SMS messages, or letters to contact your customers. We recommend setting all three up, in case you happen to be missing some specific contact details for customers. This just means that if you've got a customer saved without their mobile number and the SMS message doesn't reach them, they'll still receive an email and/or letter to inform them about their appointment. This gives you the peace of mind knowing all bases are covered and that your customers will be informed either way.

Through your system settings, you can easily set up each of your access messages. If a customer doesn't have an email address or mobile number, the corresponding communications won't be sent out. The tab for the 'No answer customer messages', is where you can set up your follow up messages.

Through the Commusoft workflow, when an initial access message is sent, once confirmed, an event should be set up in your diary for the corresponding job. If this hasn't taken place, Commusoft will assume that the work address hasn't yet confirmed the best time for an appointment.

After trying the work address a few times, it's probably best to go back to the customer - give them a bit of a prod - about their upcoming appointment at their property, you can craft a message about this too. This setting allows you to set a number of days after the initial message is sent that the follow up should be sent after - meaning you don't have to manually chase anybody up.


Commusoft's tagging feature is available for most of the message template or crafting screens within the system. All it means is that you don't have to manually enter information for each message you're sending out. When structuring a template for a message, in this case for work address communications, you can use tags to auto-fill certain snippets of information. You can grab tags for everything from a customers title, name, postcode, to a job reference number or a quoted price.

Use these tags to customise your messages to the best of your ability to ensure that any and all important information gets sent out in each instance of your message going out. These tags aren't exclusive to emails and can be used to amend your SMS message as well as any letters you put together.

If you've got any ideas for tags that you think are missing from Commusoft and might be useful to include in the future, please do let us know. We're always interested to hear your feedback and suggestions!


               A Quick FYI from us...                

Here at Commusoft, we try to take every opportunity possible to brainstorm more ideas for improving your user experience. In the spirit of this, on Wednesday, March 11th,  we’re gathering Commusoft employees all over the globe, from London to Chicago to Chennai, to get together and discuss our plans moving forward as a company. The good news is, this kind of effort leads to huge improvements to Commusoft for all our fantastic customers! The bad news is that this also means our telephone lines will be shut down (so we have everyone’s undivided attention) from 1pm ‘til the end of the day. Our email support will still be available, though delayed. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience, and our support lines will be back up and running full steam the following morning!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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