Moving to smaller weekly Commusoft releases giving you new features

Jason Morjaria
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We've been changing the way we are creating new features in Commusoft.  Instead of releasing every two weeks, we have switched to a just-in-time Commusoft releases.

This allows our team to release bug fixes, minor improvements and minor features almost every day!

This reduces the time it takes to get bug fixes and minor improvements out to clients.


Changes we've worked on

We've not had a blog post for the last few weeks as we weren't sure how often to be posting - every day seemed a little much!


CSV import improvements


We've recently though worked on a number of improvements like our new CSV import tool which makes it much easier to import customers and parts straight into Commusoft.  The tool improves upon the existing experience and should make it easier to use.


Improvements to the job report

We've had a bit of feedback recently from clients asking us to add additional filters to the job report.   Well, we've been listening and we're pleased to say we've upgraded the job report so you can filter by a number of additional fields.


Copy job report on invoicing


When invoicing a number of a clients have asked us to allow them to click a button to automatically copy the job report information (engineers feedback) straight into the invoice.

Again, we've been listening hard and we're pleased to announce this is now available and ready for you to use.

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