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Kafui Mortty

Your website is the home of your business online. What it says, how it looks, and how it functions is massively important to how people perceive your company and the number of leads and jobs you get. That's why we're looking to offer feedback to Commusoft users on their own websites as part of a piece of content we're making.

If you're interested in getting a little feedback from Paul, our marketer who handles Commusoft's website, fill out the form here. ⬅️

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Please note, there are a few important points to consider, which are covered below.

What sort of feedback are we offering?

We'll offer feedback on your website (business only) and its design, layout, functionality, as well as the specific content you have on there. What are you doing well? What could be improved? Don't worry, we won't tear your site apart - we're looking to highlight the parts you're already doing well and offer constructive feedback where there is room for improvement.

How will we provide feedback?

Our team are looking to create a video where Paul (our website guru!) will screen record your website and discuss his feedback. This video will be publicly available online and will include website reviews for several other businesses too - not just yours. The goal is to have a resource that will help a variety of businesses improve and review their own websites. We're only offering feedback to companies who want to take part in this content.

Will you definitely receive feedback?

If you are happy to be a part of the video we are creating, yes you will receive feedback. Depending on how many responses we receive, the feedback may not be included in the video - simply due to the time limitation. If that is the case, we'll still send you notes on your website and any suggestions we have.

If we get enough responses we may even be able to make additional videos in the future.

Can Commusoft help you update your website?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot help you make actual changes to your website or branding for you. Whilst we'll offer some insight and direction, any improvements to your website will need to be completed by you and/or a web developer.

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