You can now navigate via Waze from Commusoft

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Did you know you can easily access popular navigation apps through Commusoft?

When you are about to travel to an address, simply tap to view the navigation options available - Google Maps, Apple Maps, and as of this week, Waze. You'll then be taken over to your chosen app and the address will be automatically added. It's easy as that to get directions to the next job!

Waze demo iOS and Android

We had received several requests from clients to add Waze support into Commusoft. We're always open to client suggestions - that's one of the many things that sets Commusoft apart from other job management softwares - and it's something we pride ourselves on. In this case, we listened and could understand why people may prefer to use Waze, so we've added it to both our iOS and Android apps.

It's available now in the latest update via the App Store and Play Store - so make sure your Commusoft app is up to date!

Get directions


In the iOS app, tap the blue underlined Address title to open the navigation options. If you tap elsewhere on the address, you will open the address to edit it.

iPhone nav shortcut


On Android, tap the navigation arrow icon next to the address to select whether you wish to open it in Google Maps or Waze.

Android address nav

Listening to clients

We regularly update Commusoft with client suggested features and modifications - last year we completed 66 client suggestions!

In this case, thanks go to BeeXpress Plumbing and Heating Engineers, Pettifer Plumbing & Heating, ALS Locksmiths, and London Heating Solutions for requesting Waze to be added - we hope you and many others will find this a helpful addition!

Whilst we can't fulfil every request, for various reasons, we always listen to your feedback and in many cases this shapes how we develop Commusoft. So keep the suggestions coming!

What is Waze?

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It's free to use and can be downloaded from your smartphone's app store. The key advantages of Waze are user-generated traffic reports, speed limits, and police activity.

waze logo

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