View your bills from Commusoft through the app

Lauren Burgess

If you’ve migrated from an older version of the Commusoft app, you’ll know that all your bills from Commusoft were once available through the desktop. Whilst we were optimising the various new and improved features in the latest version, we had to place this functionality on hold.

Your invoices and any additional billing from Commusoft continued to be sent to you via email once per month during this time. We understand that hunting through your emails to find a particular invoice can be time-consuming, so we’re happy to announce that billing is now available on the desktop app and can be viewed through the company settings under “Account and billing”.

billing screen.png

Once you’ve navigated to this screen, you’ll be shown a list of all your invoices from Commusoft. You’ll be able to view a reference number, a total, a current balance, and the status of the invoice. To see a complete breakdown in pdf format, click the printer symbol at the end of the selected row. You’ll then be able to download and print the invoice.

As you may already know, you are given separate invoices for each service you receive from Commusoft. So, for example, if you are on A Paperless Office plan, and use text messages, print and post and postcode lookup, you may receive something like the below:


Package invoice

billing invoice a paperless office.png

Text messaging invoice

billing invoice test messages.png

Print and post invoice

billing invoice print and post.png

Postcode lookups

billing invoice postcode lookup.pngNothing about the way you pay is going to change, and we will continue to email your invoices to you every month, but this handy screen will allow you to see them all in one place.

Please be aware that your invoices may show as "unpaid" for the first week of the month as it takes some time for us to process direct debits and allocate payments. It does not necessarily mean that the payment has not been taken.

Have any questions about pricing? We’ve recently updated our pricing page which lists all the amazing features each package includes. If you scroll down a little, you can also view a pricing FAQ, which is full of handy information.

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