Vehicle Tracking

Kafui Mortty

As you're likely already aware, we offer real-time vehicle tracking through our system. This means you can keep an eye on your engineers when they're out on the road, adjust the jobs they are assigned, predict their ETA to keep customers appraised, and any other number of nifty tricks using this feature.

This feature is available on our Paperless Office Plan and all packages above (if you'd like to have a better look at those, you can check them out here). Activating it is as simple as giving us a ring to let us know you want to start using trackers. We can provide as many as you need to assign to all, or some, of your engineers. We've got a dedicated Vehicle Tracking app as well to help you keep on top of everything too, which can be downloaded easily from the App or Google Play store for your mobile devices...

We've got a few changes to our trackers and how they're ordered and delivered coming soon, however if you're already using them, nothing much should change for you unless you find yourself running low and wanting to order in some more.

The Engineer's Profile Portal:

This lets customers see who is on their way to complete the work at their property. If used with our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature, the customer can track the engineer en route and see when they are expected to arrive.

The engineer profile portal can be embedded in your engineer communications by using the 'tagging' function. When creating an SMS or email to be sent to an engineer, click the 'Use tagging' button next to the text field. This will open up the side-panel and show you all the dynamic tags that are available. These will be displayed in the email depending on the tag you have chosen.

Purchasing new Trackers:

You can, from this week onward, simply request and order more trackers yourself from your Commusoft account's company settings (which is the quickest way to go about it, as much as Sales love to speak to you guys!).

There's not a limit on the number of trackers you can employ, but it's worth mentioning that they can also be re-purposed to be used on vehicles other than those they had originally been assigned to super-easily.

The trackers we use are what are known as 'Dedicated' trackers. This means they integrate with a car or vans electronics in a way that there are no batteries that will need to be replaced or recharged. This also means that you can essentially 'fire and forget' these trackers when installing them without having to consider longer term maintenance or renewal. However, we often find that after purchasing a number of trackers initially, companies find themselves growing and expanding meaning they need new trackers to ensure there are enough for all the vehicles they've got out there! If you'd like to give us a call and speak to our sales team, they're more than happy to arrange the delivery of additional trackers.

This week we've got another opportunity for you guys to win a free 5GB boost to your data. Take a minute to answer our quick questionnaire on our mobile app(s) to throw your hat in the ring!

You can also check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you this year!

Watch the webinar to see vehicle tracking in action:


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