Using Commusoft version 3 and want to check out Commusoft version 4?

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Commusoft released version 4 last May.  It's been out now nearly a year and we're keen to let you know what's been happening.

We've released hundreds of upgrades to version 4, many based on user feedback 

It's a tricky thing replacing a system as large as Commusoft as often small 'features' that are present in the previous system aren't present in the new system - this maybe an oversight or maybe due to the fact we didn't realise clients used certain things in a certain way.

We've had to build whole new features and tools to help migrated clients manage, merge and tidy up some of the bad data they had in version 3 that becomes more 'obvious' in version 4.

Read more about the new features...

We've fixed thousands of bugs

We've been hunting down bugs all year.  We've squished literally thousands of them, some major and some very very minor.

We always knew it was going to take a while for the new version to settle down.

We've improved the software based on client feedback

Clients have been sending in their suggestions every week and we've been listening.  Dozens of improvements have been made purely based on conversations we've had with clients about what causes them trouble or what slows them down.

If you want to migrate, what do you need to know?

So, you think your business is ready for a change.  Here is a few things you need to know:

This isn't an upgrade, it's a brand new system

If you're using v3, you shouldn't think of v4 as just an upgrade.  It's a brand new system that we've written from scratch.  You need to plan carefully.  This should include a change management plan including when is the best time for your business to make this change (don't change when you're about to run your VAT or tax year end), how are you going to educate, inform and train your staff.


Training, training, training

The majority of clients we've spoken to over the last year who have either wanted to migrate or have actually migrated haven't used Commusoft properly.  This means they've made mistakes in version 3.  This maybe as simple as not keeping their database tidy, keeping bad practises or not using a large proportion of the features on offer.

If these clients want to improve their business, then just changing over to our version 4 product wasn't going to solve everything - they were going to need training on best practises.

This is a service we offer clients.   If you're interested, speak to one of our client engagement specialists who'll be able to give you full details and pricing.


Want to learn how Commusoft can help train your staff? Get in touch

Contact us for details on training your team


Want to get started with version 4?

So, you've spoken to your team and you think you're ready to start engaging with us on how you can migrate.

This is what's going to happen next:

  • You'll contact and let us know you're interested
  • One of our migration team will send you the relevant paperwork, contracts and costs associated with migrating
  • You'll sign the paperwork and we'll send you a 'test account' for version 4 (called a soft migration) - you'll then have the opportunity to experiment with the new software along with have your whole team get used to the interface and the new features work - we have an amazing new knowledge base which you should definitely check out
  • You'll set a migration date (we only migrate on Fridays)
  • We'll do a one on one consultation call with you to help you and your team get prepared - we want to make your move successful
  • On the friday, we'll take care of everything.  We'll migrate your data and get version 4 ready for you
  • On the Monday, you'll login to version 4 and will use all the knowledge/information our migration team have given you to setup version 4 in the best way to make your business successful
  • Our migration team will do another one on one call with you to make sure you've implemented everything successfully and will answer any questions you may have


Still not sure? Watch our 15 minutes demo:

Watch a demo of commusoft


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