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Paul Hewson
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We are hard at work on a variety of awesome new features for Commusoft. Today we want to share a brief preview of some of those features coming up on the horizon - although this is far from an exhaustive list of everything we are working on right now (our developers are serious multitaskers!).

Check out the features below and if you wish, register your interest, so you will be the first to hear when they go live.

These features are a work in progress, it is possible some details are subject to change. Please also be aware that not all features will be available across all pricing plans - we will clarify pricing plans upon release of the feature.

Stock control

We've been building this major feature for a long time - we want to get it right! A multi-location stock system to track and organise stock across your business, enabling you to stay on top of parts and stock levels at all times. Including:

  • Automatic re-ordering of parts
  • Picking lists
  • Barcode scanning
  • Warehouse app
  • And much more

Intelligent scheduling

Our intelligent scheduling system is taking shape and we are currently focused on testing and enhancing it for release. The scheduling engine can automate the planning of jobs to optimise which engineer takes on the job and when, ensuring the most efficient schedule. Benefit from:

  • More efficient engineer schedules
  • Fitting more jobs into the day
  • Reduced time spent manually scheduling engineers

Real-time vehicle tracking V2

We released Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in the summer, but we're already looking to enhance this offering. Vehicle trackers provide rich driving data, so we want to ensure that this data is as accessible as possible, which is why we will be improving how we display this data in various way. You can expect:

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Reporting filters reimagined

Reporting is a huge part of Commusoft - from tracking jobs, parts, profit, users, or almost any other aspect of your business. We have been revisiting report filters to make them more powerful and easier to use, so you can more readily sort and filter through your business data.

iOS overhaul

Our iOS app has received a significant facelift, with radically improved navigation, new diary features, and a sleeker interface.


Whilst we are on the subject of iOS, don't forget that our iOS minimum specifications have changed. Find out more here.

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