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What's new pussycat? - Tom Jones (1965)

We're still working hard here at Commusoft to ensure we're always bringing you the very best version of our platform. We pride ourselves on gathering valuable feedback internally and externally to keep improving our system and moving forwards. This means that we've got even more great updates to show you today, and many many more to come in the very near future...

This week you can have a look at our updates surrounding: 

  • Facebook + Security
  • Our 'Do Not Work With' feature
  • 2 brand new Certificates
  • New Diary Display Settings
  • Xero/Invoice Update
  • Updates to our Google Calendar integration
  • Some filter/settings updates
  • More info on our potential Fixflo Integration


A few of you may have noticed recently there were one or two issues logging into your Commusoft app via our Facebook Integration in the past week or so. This was due to a recent upgrading of Facebook's own security settings. We always try and stay on top of these kinds of changes with all of our integrations and, as such, we've ensured that Commusoft is now 2020 compatible and future-proof in this regard. You can all log into Commusoft through Facebook as-per-usual with the added peace of mind that both their website and our integration are more secure than ever! (You're welcome).

'Do Not Work With' Update

Our 'do not work with' feature will 'block' you from adding estimates and jobs to a property if you're no longer interested in dealing with it. The dormant feature will stop any automatic emails like service reminders.

This is particularly useful on V4 as, due to auditing purposes, we no longer completely 'delete' properties from the system. This was a feature available in our old system that ended up having some negative knock-on effects on client data. This is why we developed our 'do not work with' workflow we advise for this scenario. 

First, go into the customer, click into their notes & communications tab. Add a new note with the title: 'Do Not Work With' and mark the note as 'Important'. After this, select, 'Do not work with again' and then 'Make available on mobile'.

Once this is done, go back to the property and click 'Edit customer' mark their status as dormant. Also, take note of the old account number.

There was a brief issue in the past month where people could still assign jobs to properties that had been marked as such, if you had noticed this - thanks for pointing it out! The feature is, once again, working without any kinks, though if any crop up for you, don't hesitate to get in touch!


You all know how fond we are of updating our certificate collection. Well, we've got 2 shiny new ones to brag about! Introducing our Oil Boiler Commissioning Checklist:

AND the Fire alarm inspection and servicing report:

With Commusoft's certificates you can collect digital signatures straight from the app, allowing your staff to quickly sign off their work and be 100% compliant. Plus, you can easily email a PDF copy to any relevant stakeholders within moments of completing a certificate through Commusoft.

Our PDF certificates can also be customised to reflect your business's branding. Choose the colour scheme and add your company logo for a professional look and to make your company's service more memorable. Learn how to do that here.

If you have a request for a type of certificate, but know that it's uncommon or exclusive to your own business, you're in luck. We can develop it for you as part of our professional services. See our Custom Certificate offerings here.

Diary View

A little while ago, we got an influx of feedback requesting we adjust our diary displays to allow for different sizes or 'densities' for the events that get displayed on your actual diary. We made a few tweaks but ended up reverting to our original display after a few 'teething problems'. Thanks to our amazing development team, we've finalised a design that incorporates a variety of display densities to suit everyone's preferences.

Within your diary setting, you'll now be able to decide on exactly what kind of display density works best for you depending on your screen size, resolution, or just personal preference. An extra little bit of customisation just to make your Commusoft work for you a little more seamlessly.

Invoice Categories

A new feature edit we are very excited to introduce comes in the form of our new 'Invoice categories' setting.

Accessible through your own 'System Settings', this feature allows you to create any number of specific categories in order to further organise and breakdown your invoices, meaning you can separate commercial from internal invoices or any other categories you decide to create for your own usage. These can be created, edited and deleted all from the same system settings page at your leisure.

So what's new?

Now, when these categories are used in credit notes as well as invoices, they will also be pulled through to your Xero platform. As long as you've got the integration set up, this will take place automatically - saving you from having to make amendments when you're sending your records through.

Google Calendar Improvement

Our brilliant Google Calendar Integration has also gotten a little bit of a face-lift. Whereas before you would have  quick summary giving you the location and title of a job or estimate on your Google calendar, we now also include any job or event notes you may have added to give you even more information at just a quick glance!

Give it a go now! If you're not already set up with our Google Calendar integration, have a look at how easy it is and try it out for yourself!

Wording Changes

We're constantly going through our systems text and dialogue fields with a fine-toothed comb to ensure everything stays coherent and up to date. As such, now and then we add or remove text and features or simply switch up our terminology based on customer feedback. Here are a few of these most recent updates - 

Our reports get a lot of usage and attention, and rightfully so! They're a fantastic way to analyse the information coming into your Commusoft system. We've got a new 'Diary date' filter you can apply to your reports:

We've also expanded on our 'Estimates' displays. Meaning that now, when you develop a report regarding your estimates, you'll be able to expand them individually:

In order to access a breakdown of each one. Similar to other features, simply click the 'plus' icon and you can 'View' each estimate.

Calling all Fixflo Customers!

graphic_head_lightbulbWe’re tremendously excited to announce that we’ve recently been in touch regarding a possible integration with Fixflo: a fantastic company that provide a reporting tool to allow your customers to quickly, easily and efficiently report their issues to you as well as having developed a workflow to process and manage these requests equally efficiently!

And this is where you guys can help us. Are you currently or thinking about using Fixflo? We want to hear from you! Take a minute out of your day and fill in our quick questionnaire and we'll be sure to keep everyone posted with whatever happens next!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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