Updated Gas Safety Legislation

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At the start of last month, Gas Safety Regulations were amended by the government, giving greater flexibility in renewing safety certificates. Keep reading to learn more about this change and how Commusoft is prepared for it. You can view the change in law here.

Complete gas safety certificates
2-months early

Landlords are now able to schedule a gas safety check up to 2-months early, but still retain the same renewal date for next year, known as the "deadline date". This MOT-style system means that Landlords can have a longer period of time to schedule and complete safety certificates without having to amend the annual deadline date each year.

For example, the due date for a gas safety check is June 1st 2018. This could now be completed on April 1st (2-months early), while keeping June 1st as the renewal date for 2019. Previously, the renewal date in this case would be modified to April 1st 2019, to match the exact date of the previous safety check.

It's important to note, there is no flexibility in completing safety checks after the "deadline date". Also, if a safety certificate is completed more than 2-months early, this will "reset the clock" and amend next year's deadline date to match.

Why is this change needed?

The previous system meant that Landlords had very little flexibility, if they could not gain access to the property or had any scheduling problems, they could very easily find themselves in violation of the law. The new 2-month window allows Landlords reasonable time to complete gas safety certificates at the same time every year without having to track ever-changing renewal dates. This is especially significant for Landlords with large portfolios.

In regards to recordkeeping for gas safety certificates, the law has changed subtly. Now Landlords must at a minimum keep the last 2 records, whereas before they only had to keep records from the past 2-years. This avoids the possibility of a Landlord only being required to keep 1 record, if they had the certificate completed early in the 2-month window.

It's easy with Commusoft

Commusoft is ready for this change. The completion date for gas safety certificates was previously locked to the date they were completed. Now, within Commusoft when completing the certificate, the engineer can instead choose to select the next inspection due date to correspond with the deadline date. This ensures that certificates keep the same deadline date each year. 

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