A couple of Commusoft updates

Kafui Mortty

We're constantly working on changes, updates, and improvements to our systems. A lot of these updates are based off feedback from yourselves (keep it coming!), and we get some really valuable insights into your varying workflows and how Commusoft can help improve them.

As rapidly as the system can change, it's important to us to keep you all in the loop and make sure everyone has a chance to integrate these feature changes.  Here are a few of our most recent updates that you can start to take advantage of!

Deleting Certificates:

There are any number of reasons you may want to delete a certificate from a particular job. Whether it was completed inaccurately, assigned to the wrong property, completed at the wrong date or any other reason. We've now created an easy way for you to do just this. If you've got a certificate (or more than one even) attached to a job, it will be displayed under the 'Certificates' tab (which has a handy indicator of just how many certificates you've got in place).

From here, you can remove the one(s) you don't need. Click the 'plus' icon next to the certificate and click 'Delete certificate'. This will bring up a notification informing you that:

'You cannot delete this certificate because it has already been completed. You can, however, mark it as ‘VOID’. This will allow you to keep a historical record of the certificate that you can view, but it will also differentiate it from your active certificates. To confirm you wish to void this certificate then please type 'VOID' in the box below and click 'Void'.'

Once you've confirmed you'd like to carry this out, you will still be able to have a look at the certificate, but it will be permanently stamped with a 'Void' watermark (above), making it clear to anyone who sees it that it is no longer active or relevant for the property. The voided certificates will also be struck through (like so) on your list of certificates to make them nice and easy to identify from there too.

If, for whatever reason, you're not already taking advantage of our certificates, take a look here to see how they work.

Report Updates:

Under your 'Reporting' tab, you can access a huge number of customisable reports as well as easily being able to set up your own, personalised, custom reports too. If you're not already using this feature, we would highly recommend it. These reports are a fantastic way to keep track of large amounts of info within Commusoft. Jobs, Estimates, Purchase orders and a number of other things can be managed through use of these reports, and they constitute an important feature that can help you with anything from job allocation to financial management.

Due to how helpful they are and the huge amount of functionality that they're capable of carrying out, we're constantly amending the reports' features and the various filters and columns you can use to build and edit your existing or future reports. Most recently we've included work address account numbers and telephone numbers to our 'Time sheets' report for users.

Often, we base the additional filters or columns on feedback that we receive from our clients. More standard fields like dates, users, prices and things along those lines will automatically be provided, but if there is something more specific that you'd like to see in the system, please don't hesitate to get in touch and request a new filter for breaking down your reports or  new column you'd like to have the option to display. Whilst we can't guarantee we will include it (or necessarily give an ETA if it is approved), it is still massively useful to us and yourselves for you to recommend changes you'd like to see applied.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you this year!

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