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As much as we love speaking to our customers, we also like to give them the tools that they may need to do some general troubleshooting themselves. The more information you have about common usage issues and their fixes, the easier it can be for you to identify problems as and when they arise. This can help you take care of them yourself in the first instance, but it can also help if/when you do end up speaking to support to let them know what you've already checked or tried.

Use our recommended browser:

Although you can use Commusoft with any of your preferred browsers, we always recommend using Google Chrome for optimal user experience. We also encourage disabling your pop-up blocker as well as any browser plugins and extensions (In the top right, click the menu icon and go to 'more tools', from there, click 'Extensions' to see what you've currently got enabled).

Refresh first:

Refreshing your web page can often give it a bit of a kick if there are elements on the page that are loading particularly slowly, for example. Using the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + R' will refresh your page, so will using 'F5' (on Windows) or just using the refresh icon (often found on the left-hand side of the address bar).

Go incognito:

It's often worth trying to reload a faulty web page through an 'Incognito' or private window. These windows, essentially load up a web page without committing it to the browser history. You can open an incognito window easily using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. From here, you may have better luck accessing Commusoft.

Clear your cache:

If an incognito window does work, another one of the quickest and easiest fixes to try and apply is as easy as clearing the cache from your browser. Through Chrome, clearing your cache is as easy as going to your history (using the menu icon - three dots - or simply pressing 'Ctrl + H'). On the left hand-side you will have the option to 'Clear browsing data'. Rather than clearing your whole browsing history, you can choose the option to remove only 'Cached images and files'.

Run a speed test:

Running a speed test

If you find that Commusoft is running particularly or noticeably slowly (compared to other sites you may be using), it's always worth running a quick speed test to check if it may be a more general network connectivity problem. Simply search the web for a 'speed test', Google has their own and there is another reliable one found at

Close down the app:

Should you find yourself running into issues using our Commusoft app(s) on your mobile phone or tablet device. We've got steps you can take to try and rectify these too before getting in touch with support. As simple as it sounds, simply closing the app down and reopening it can often be useful and serves a similar function to 'refreshing' a web page.

On an iPhone you can do this by double-tapping the centre button and 'swiping' the app closed. On most Android devices, there is a 'menu' button that allows you to close apps that are running. It's good to remember that the Commusoft app does not automatically log you out once it has been installed, so please close the app once a day's work has been completed and open again it again at the start of the next day. This will help the overall performance of the app as well as helping to reduce battery usage!

Don't jump the gun!

Try to refrain from uninstalling and reinstalling the app. As much as this may be a useful troubleshooting technique for other apps, due to the fact that Commusoft stores some information locally, uninstalling the app (even to reinstall moments later) could possibly lead to a loss of information or data from Commusoft itself. Never uninstall the app without first speaking to our support department to check there won't be any negative repercussions to doing so.

Make sure you're up to date:

You can check the 'App' or 'Build' version in your Commusoft app to ensure you're on the latest version of the app. Within the app, using the menu icon (the three lines in the top left) will enable you to open your system diagnostics and check your app version there. If you're not on the latest version, you can simply go to the App/Play store, search for Commusoft and click 'Update'. If you are already on the latest version, locating Commusoft within the App/Play store will just give you the option to open the app rather than update it.

If you're experiencing an issue and none of these troubleshooting tips and tricks work, our support team are on hand to help. Simply call in or email and they'll happily assist.

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