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Last week we announced the first update to our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature - a revamped driver trip report. This week, we're sharing details of the second update - improved tracker management. You can now delete and transfer trackers, giving you greater control and increased flexibility of your hardware.

If you are currently using Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, you already have this update! If you don't yet use our van tracking, this is a great time to get on board.

Please bear in mind that this feature is only available on the Paperless Office/ Go Paperless plan and higher. If you are not on this plan, have a chat with our sales team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today.

Transfer and delete trackers

We have added the functionality to delete a tracker from a user and to transfer a tracker (and its driving history) to a different user. To access these options, go to the user in company settings (Company settings> Users> View user) and click Quick links. From the dropdown list you will be able to see 'Configure GPS device' - this is where you can set up or delete an assigned vehicle tracker. If the user already has a vehicle tracker assigned, you will also see the 'Transfer GPS device' option.

Tracker quick links

Moving a tracker between users and starting fresh

You may need to move a tracker between users, for example, if an employee has left the company and you wish to move their vehicle tracker to the van's new driver. In this case, you would not want to transfer the previous employee's tracking history (safety data, trip reports, leaderboard etc) to the new employee, as this would incorrectly reflect the new user's driving.

To move a tracker and delete the previous tracking history you will need to go to 'Configure GPS device' via the quick links menu. Make sure to take note of the tracker information on this page, as you will need to re-enter it for the new user. Once you have done that, click the red 'Delete' button to remove the tracker from its current user - please note, this will immediately delete the associated tracking history from Commusoft and is irreversible.

Configure tracker rearrange

Navigate to the new user who you wish to assign this tracker to (Company settings> Users> View user). Again, access the 'Configure GPS device' page from the quick links menu and add the tracker information, before clicking save.

The new user will now be set up with a tracker, without having the previous user's driving history associated to them.

Moving a tracker between users and transferring history

In the event that you wish to move a tracker between users and also transfer the driving history, you should use the 'Transfer GPS device' option. You may prefer this option if moving trackers is to rectify a mistake during setup. Clicking on 'Transfer GPS device' from the quick links menu will display the screen below.

Transfer tracker rearrange

This screen shows you the current user and their tracker details. On the right hand side you can choose from the dropdown list which user you would like to transfer the vehicle tracker and driving history to. If a user already has a tracker assigned to them, they will not be displayed in this list - you would first need to delete or transfer their current tracker. Once you have chosen the intended user and are ready, click 'Transfer'.

What is Real-Time Vehicle Tracking?

Commusoft's Real-Time Vehicle Tracking allows field service businesses to see the live location of vans from within their job management software. You can also access much more, with vehicle trip history, safe driving data, and the engineer profile portal. This provides a powerful solution that links engineer tracking data with your diary, scheduling tools, and job information.

Benefits include:

  • Highly precise location tracking
  • Schedule more responsively based on location
  • A record of driver trips
  • Insight into vehicle usage outside of work hours
  • Uber-style engineer tracking portal for customers
  • Know how drivers treat their vehicle - speeding, mileage, and safe handling data

We've put together a Real-Time Vehicle Tracking brochure with specific details on features and the different trackers. Check it out!

Download Brochure

If you're interested in implementing Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and want to learn more about all these amazing benefits - watch our webinar, which covers all the features.

van tracking webinar

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