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Paul Hewson
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We've made 3 small tweaks to the Job, Estimates, and Profit by job reports in Commusoft. If you use these reports, we hope these additions allow you to get more out of your data! Whilst we completely redesigned our reporting filters earlier this year, this week's update just changes 3 specific reports and implements some feedback and requests from clients. Read on for the details. 📊

Job report - on hold reason

The job report now has improved support for running a report on on hold jobs. You can filter by any of the on hold reasons that you have set up, so you can see just those jobs that match.

Job on hold filter

Additionally, you can now add a column to the report to display the on hold reason. Simply click the pencil icon on the left of the report in order to select which columns you wish to display. Don't forget you can drag to rearrange the columns too.

Job on hold column

Thanks to our client, Box & Charnock Ltd, for requesting this addition! 👍

Estimates report - diary events

In the estimates report, you can now filter by diary event, allowing you to see estimates with and without diary events and also any estimates that need booking into the diary.  This allows you to check out which estimates may need updating and which are scheduled to take place.

Estimate diary event filter

Shout out to Builtain Ltd for requesting this update to the estimates report! 👍

Profit by job report

For the profit by job report we've made a few different tweaks. Firstly, you can now filter by User Group as well as the Job completed date. This means you can run more specific profit by job reports to better find the information you're looking for.

Profit report new filters

Additionally, you can also add the first engineer on site and last engineer on site columns to the report, allowing you to see which engineer started and finished the job. To add these columns, click the pencil icon on the left of the report and select which columns you wish to display. Engineer on site filter

Remember you can also drag to rearrange the order of the columns, so you can get them just the way you like.

Thanks SGS Heating and Electrical Ltd for this request! 👍

Not sure about our updated reporting filters? Check out what we updated earlier this year:

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