The Wonderful World of Reporting

Kafui Mortty

Our Reporting module is constantly growing, changing and getting overall bigger and better. As much as we love getting feedback and requests from all of you guys, we also are always striving to improve the level of understanding that our customers have of our numerous, wonderful features. 

Similar to last months video on Communicating via Emails within the system, this month, Client Service's Hannah luck is back at it again! This time, she's got a fantastic video outlining the true value of Reporting through Commusoft - check it out below...

graphic_computer_tools-01In her video, Hannah covers:

Reporting widgets
Reporting examples
And more general tips and tricks such as saving, downloading, and printing to make reporting an absolute breeze!

Keep an eye out for more great video content and live Q&A sessions with Hannah in the near future!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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