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Are you using Commusoft's reporting features to their full benefit? We recently became aware that several clients had not heard about our last two reporting widgets we released - the job status widget and the parts status widget.

We know it's easy for the product blog and our many product updates to slip by, however, these widgets can be really helpful for your team on a day-to-day basis, so we want to take the time to remind everyone.

These are available for all Commusoft users, so check them out today!

Job status widget

The job status widget lets you see all of your critical job status data directly from your reporting dashboard, giving you a powerful operational overview. This means when office staff want to quickly see how many jobs need scheduling or need invoicing, you simply have to check the dashboard. If you then wish to see the full list of jobs that meet that criteria, simply click on the number and the full report will open.


The job status widget, above, displays the following jobs:

  • Without diary events - jobs that have never had a diary event.
    Useful to see jobs that may need scheduling or jobs that need deleting.

  • In progress - jobs with future diary events scheduled.
    Quickly see the jobs that are scheduled and going ahead.

  • Need attention - jobs that have been started, are not yet completed, but have no future diary events scheduled.
    Lets you address jobs that need more work to be scheduled in order to complete, or jobs which have incorrectly not been marked as 'complete'.

  • On hold - jobs that have been put on hold.
    See which jobs are on hold and may need follow-up or a status update.

  • Completed - jobs that have been been marked as completed, but not yet been invoiced (or free of charged).
    These jobs require your attention as they need to be invoiced.

Parts status widget

The parts status widget shows you the status of parts across all of your jobs to let you more easily track which parts are requested, on order, or available. 

Parts widget

This widget gives you a quick overview of the following parts:

  • Requested parts - This is the total number of parts that have been requested, but not yet ordered.

  • Parts on order - The total number of parts on order from a supplier.

  • Parts available with no future diary event - Parts that have been marked as available against a job, however, there is no future diary event related to the job. It may be helpful to see these parts, so you know which jobs need diary events scheduling to install remaining parts.

You can click on any of the numbers in the widget to view the full details in the parts operational list (where you can then action parts e.g. fulfil, mark as available etc).

Adding a dashboard widget

Reporting dashboard

To add a widget to the dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Reporting tab in Commusoft.
  2. Click 'Quick Links' and then click 'Add/ remove dashboard widgets'.
  3. Click on the widgets you wish to add to the dashboard.
  4. Click save.

The chosen widgets will now be displayed on the dashboard, whenever you view the reporting tab.

Remember, you can rearrange this dashboard as you wish. Drag and drop any of the widgets into your preferred layout and that view will be saved for the next time you open the dashboard.

Move widget

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