Take payment when jobs are complete using Stripe

Jason Morjaria
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Over the years we've spoken to hundreds of companies all with problems taking payment and managing debtors.  While taking credit card payments are pretty easy, many businesses still aren't doing it.

Commusoft is now making it 100x easier with our Stripe integration.

Take payment within Commusoft, paying off the invoice and getting the money paid into your bank account within 2 days.


Setup is quick and easy


It's incredibly simple to setup, just email support@commusoft.co.uk and we'll turn on the credit card module for you.  Once it's on, click on Company Settings and Credit card integration.  You'll then link your Stripe account and you're good to go.


Once you're connected, you can easily take credit cards from within the payment screen.


Fill in the payment screen and click save.

Commusoft will take the payment from the credit/debit card, will mark it as paid in Commusoft and will transfer the payment straight to your accounting package.


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