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We always have an open mind to new ideas and products for the field service industry, especially in the rapidly growing IoT (internet of things) market. That's why we have been in discussions with Crimson Gold Ltd, a company that are developing an intermittent fault-finding tool for boilers. They have developed a prototype and are hoping to get some feedback from professionals in the industry.

That's where you come in! As we thought this tool may be relevant to many of Commusoft's users, we wanted to give you the opportunity to provide your input.

If you have a few minutes to answer some questions about diagnosing faulty boilers, please take the short survey - it's greatly appreciated!

Who are Crimson Gold Ltd?

Crimson Gold Ltd work in asset reliability and maintenance for the energy industry. We spoke to Kevin Broadbent, Managing Director, who also has 30 years of experience in monitoring systems for offshore gas. Kevin told us that this side project originally began as a hobby with his stepson - putting to use both his knowledge of monitoring assets and the gas industry. Unable to find a device that could accurately monitor whether a boiler is working, they set out to create one themselves.

What is the device?

Kevin and his stepson have created a monitoring tool intended to help engineers diagnose faulty boilers during private/ residential work. Designed with several sensors that attach to the system, the device can be left to monitor the function of the boiler and identify intermittent faults. This allows data to be collected on when and how system readings change, without the engineer needing to be present. These sensors can be set up to monitor variables such as electrical current, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature (amongst other things), allowing the engineer to see how the system is performing 24 hours a day.

A transmitter relays the readings, allowing the engineer to remotely view the recorded levels and see how they change over time. Readings can be viewed and settings edited through the accompanying software via computer, tablet, or smartphone. It would also be possible to set up customisable notifications, alerting the engineer if and when certain variables reach any predetermined thresholds.

This product is currently only a prototype - more research is needed to understand how this may assist engineers in the field.

Take the survey

We are hoping to hear from professionals in the gas, plumbing, and heating industries about their experiences diagnosing faulty boilers and for some feedback on this product idea. If you wish to help, please complete the short survey available here.

Take the survey

The more answers we get the more useful this survey becomes - know somebody who may be willing to help out too? We'd appreciate if you'd be willing to share the link with them:


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