GDPR - What Commusoft are doing to support your business

Jason Morjaria
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As you know, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching and if you've not started working on becoming compliant, you really should be.

Commusoft have been hard at working making significant changes to help clients keep compliant. This includes both software and infrastructure changes.

In the next few weeks we'll be rolling out a number of major changes to Commusoft which will help clients stay compliant. These changes are inline with Commusoft's responsibility as the data processor.


This change only effects version 4 (as version 3 is managed differently). We'll be moving data centres! This huge infrastructure project has been on the cards now for 6-8 months.  We're planning a major move to Google's Cloud Platform. 

We'll be posting a blog post in the coming weeks about this move, what it means for you and why we think it's the best thing for the Commusoft brand/product.

Software changes

GDPR brings with it the right to be forgotten. This is the ability for your customers to request that you delete all the information held against a customer. We're making a number of changes to the way in which we delete information to remove some of the restrictions we previously put in place to protect you from accidentally deleting a customer.

Now you'll be able to delete any customer as long as they don't have financial information associated with them (invoices or credit notes).

We're also changing the technical way we're deleting the information to make sure that we fully delete all trace of the customer, including removing the personal data from all our audits, logs and backups as per the GDPR requirement.

Terms and conditions

You'll be getting new terms and conditions (wahoo!). These will clarify Commusoft's responsibility to you as data processors and also include some new legal information about data protection. This will popup on your screen when you login (in a few weeks time). You'll need to accept these changes before continuing to use Commusoft.

We encourage all our clients to seek appropriate advice from a lawyer or reputable consultant on their own responsibilities towards GDPR.


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