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Enhancing the stockroom workflow is one of the core benefits of Commusoft's new stock control feature. By giving your stockroom manager access to the right tools, they are able to streamline their daily tasks and more easily stay on top of the parts due in and out.

Commusoft enables stockroom managers through the brand new Stockroom mobile app. Instead of lugging a laptop around and trying to check parts against a spreadsheet, the Commusoft app makes the entire process simple and quick. Watch the video below to see it in action!


Please bear in mind that this feature is only available on our Customer Journey and Automation plans. See details in the Stock Control brochure. If you're not on these plans, call the team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today.

Commusoft Stockroom App

Stockroom App

The stockroom app is available on both iOS and Android. Please note, you'll need to have access to the stock control feature in order to login. Let's run through the stockroom workflow and how the app facilitates stock-related tasks at every point.

See which parts are due instock parts due in

Any parts that are on order and due to arrive will be displayed in the due in list. As stock is delivered, the stockroom manager can easily mark parts as arrived by swiping a part in the list or by ticking off multiple items at once. Once this is done, those parts will be marked as available in the system. Alternatively, they can also use the barcode scanner to check parts in.

Check in stock with the barcode scannerstock barcode scan

For a faster solution, the stockroom manager can use the built-in barcode scanner. The first time a barcode is scanned it needs to be assigned to the relevant part in the system. Through this process you can build an entire database of barcodes linked to parts. This then offers a convenient and efficient way to quickly check-in stock. Simply scan each barcode and it’s done. You can even link multiple barcodes to one item to handle generic parts.

Build a picking liststock parts due out

Before engineers can pick up stock, it needs to be organised and grouped together. The due out list displays all the needed parts that are still to be picked up by engineers. This shows the stockroom manager which engineer needs which parts and when. As they begin to organise stock for collection, they can then effortlessly build a picking list by tapping on the part associated with that engineer.

Transfer stock to the engineer

Once the picking list has been built and stock has been organised, the next step is pickup and transferral. When the engineer arrives to pick up parts, the stockroom manager can verify the parts against their list before tapping 'Transfer'. The Stockroom app then displays a unique QR code. For security, the engineer is required to scan the QR code with their Commusoft app to confirm acceptance and responsibility of the parts. This offers a secure method to transfer stock and ensures accountability.

stock transfer phones

The engineer's experience

Whilst the engineer doesn't use the Stockroom app (it's just for those who manage the stockroom), they do have a new stock workflow as part of the Commusoft app. If you are using the stock control feature, engineers can see the new 'Parts to pickup' screen. This displays all the parts that are required to pickup from either the stockroom or supplier, organised by date. Engineers can easily stay on top of what parts they need to collect and when.

stock engineer pickup

When the engineer arrives to the stockroom, they can click 'Scan list' to scan and verify the QR code on the Stockroom app. This acknowledges the transfer from the stockroom to the engineer's van and updates the main stock system.

Through the use of the Stockroom app and this engineer mobile workflow, you can significantly improve the management and tracking of stock in your business. 👍

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