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We will be officially launching Commusoft's Stock Control feature at our Product Round-Up Event on the 16th of May. Ahead of that, we're giving everyone a preview of Stock Control's massive scale, it's core benefits, as well as pricing and training details.

We'll have even more information, videos, and brochures after the official launch later this month. If you'd like an in-depth demo of Stock Control from Commusoft's founder, Jason Morjaria, make sure you attend our Product Round-Up on the 16th of May

What is Stock Control?

At Commusoft, we like to do things properly. Which is why our Stock feature has taken over two years of development and countless hours of planning and design. We wanted to create a comprehensive solution to the daily challenges of managing stock in a field service business - the result was Stock Control.

With Stock Control you can manage every single part used by your business, whether in the stockroom, warehouse, or engineers' vans. With accurate oversight of your stock process you can save both time and money and run a more efficient business.

There are many new workflows available with Stock Control, which we'll be detailing in the near-future, once the feature launches. Until then, we want to highlight the four core benefits of this powerful and comprehensive system - as well as explain pricing and training.

Enhance stockroom workflow with a mobile solutionEnhance Stockroom Workflow

Even well organised stock can be difficult to manage without the proper software. Whilst our Stock Control system can't fix a messy stockroom, it can enhance the daily workflow of stock from ordering and check-in of parts, to engineer pick up.

With a new standalone Stockroom App, stockroom managers have powerful tools in the palm of their hand. Whether building picking lists or scanning barcodes, we've built the ideal companion app for your stock workflow.

stock excess icon cropReduce excess stock

Tying up money in excess stock is just one of the symptoms of poor stock management and many businesses don't realise how problematic it is for their cash flow. When engineers need parts, instead of using existing stock, they often make a new order from a supplier. This can be for several reasons, whether they don't realise the stock is already available, they can't find the parts, or simply because it's easier for them.

With Stock Control, engineers have access to accurate stock levels when requesting parts, helping reduce unnecessary purchasing, and freeing up your cash flow.

stock return iconStreamline returns

We've heard from many businesses that stock returns are difficult to manage. When parts go unused it's easy to forget to return them, as a result stock often ends up damaged, lost, or even stolen. The value of these parts soon adds up and is an unnecessary and avoidable financial burden.

Our Stock Control system understands that returns are a normal part of the process and gives field service teams a streamlined workflow to mark parts for return, collect from engineers, and inform suppliers.

stock customer iconImprove customer

At the end of the day, most types of job you'll be working on will require parts. When a customer expects you to complete a job on a particular day and you turn up without the parts or cancel last minute, it doesn't look good. It may even lose you that customer forever.

You can avoid this with a stock system that is always monitoring the parts needed for your planned jobs and notifies you if you don't have them. Knowing 24 hours prior that parts haven't arrived gives you the ability to update your customer in advance and avoid disappointment.

Review our stock control brochure:

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