Two new customer-requested updates

Kafui Mortty

We love hearing feedback from our customers, anything from feature suggestions to new workflow ideas is more than welcome. A number of changes and updates that we make are based on or a direct result of requests and comments we've received from our customers themselves. We pride ourselves in taking constructive feedback and acting on it wherever possible.

These changes may not always be life-changing, but we do find all of them important, insightful and a great sign of how efficient our customers try to be when using Commusoft. In this vein, we've recently made a couple of changes based on recent feedback that we're excited to share!

The iPhone photo library shuffle (not a dance):

Prior to our recent update, when iPhone users would take photos of/on the jobs they complete, when uploading them, the system would default to bringing up the oldest images first. This meant that users or engineers would have to scroll all the way through their photo library (thanks for the memories!) to get to the picture they just took. We've now changed this so that it works in the opposite direction. The first photo suggested will now be the most recent one from the camera roll meaning that users will be able to select the appropriate image quickly and easily.

Save and stay with your Invoices:

In terms of feature changes, one of the most frequent requests that we would get was related to saving invoices within Commusoft itself. Previously, when this took place, the invoice would be created, saved'd be taken back to a page of all of your invoices. Our customers found this a bit of a roundabout process, showing all invoices as opposed to the one you've just completed. We completely agree and have now updated our systems so that after saving an invoice, you'll just be presented with the completed version of that invoice specifically. Again, it's not a huge change but it is definitely a bit of a pain point that we've picked up on and rectified thanks to you guys.

If you've got any feature requests or suggestions for improvements, then please do get in touch with us! It could be something we already have plans to implement, or if it might be something completely new. Your suggestions are always welcome and can help shape our development road map going forward. You can send comments and queries to and a member of our team will pick it up. We look forward to hearing from you!

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