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In April 2018, the government amended Gas Safety Regulations, giving greater flexibility when renewing safety certificates. To implement these changes, Commusoft updated how the 'Next inspection date' worked, allowing you to take advantage of those changes. We have now improved this functionality, to allow engineers to set the next inspection due date based on existing service dates.

Read about the original changes to the law here.

What changed?

Landlords are now able to schedule a gas safety check up to 2-months early, but still retain the same renewal date for next year, known as the "deadline date". This MOT-style system means that Landlords can have a longer period of time to schedule and complete safety certificates without having to amend the annual deadline date each year.

We changed how our domestic gas safety certificate works to allow engineers to select the next inspection date, instead of locking it to one year from the issue date. However, when an existing service date was already scheduled for the next year, it was difficult for the engineer to know when they should schedule the next inspection as they could not see those service reminders at the time. We have updated this to make it easier for the engineer to schedule the best next inspection due date.

Engineers can now see already scheduled service dates

Now when an engineer has completed a domestic gas safety certificate and are selecting the next inspection due date, they will see a new option. This button is designed to help engineers see existing service reminders for this customer, accessing the information they need to correctly set the best inspection date.


As you can see above, this example certificate is being completed on August 1st 2018, so Commusoft has automatically set the next inspection date for 1 year - August 1st 2019. If the engineer selects the new button (highlighted above) they will see any scheduled service reminders and their service date and description.


Above, you can see that the customer had a boiler service scheduled for August 10th 2018. As the boiler service has now been completed 10 days early (as allowed in the updated regulations), the best next inspection date would be to match the existing service reminder.

Therefore, when the engineer selects the service reminder from the list, Commusoft will update the next inspection due date on the certificate to that date, plus 1 year. In this case, that means the next inspection due date will be August 10th 2019.

Should the engineer wish to set a custom inspection date, they can tap on the calendar icon on the right and select the desired date.


This means that the existing service reminder doesn't need to be changed and it allows the engineer to easily manage the next inspection date, without having to leave the certificate screen.

We hope this small update makes managing certificates and service reminders a little easier for your engineers.

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