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Our service reminders feature (as part of a larger, more general ‘reminder’ functionality) is one of our most useful and popular modules within the system. It enables you to automatically send out reminders for regular service jobs you may be handling and saves you the time, effort, and hassle of having to send them out manually. You can structure your preferences to reflect whatever workflow(s) you use to manage these jobs and Commusoft will follow these settings to make sure everything is running smoothly and nothing slips through the cracks. You can edit and customise your reminders so they’re sent out annually, bi-annually, monthly, or whatever suits you; you can even customise specific templates for specific jobs (boiler services, PAT tests, etc.) to even further personalise your customers’ experience. All in all, it’s a tremendously useful feature!

We’re constantly evolving and adapting the various features we provide to keep up with industry standards as well as to enable you all to have the most seamless experience possible planning and executing jobs through Commusoft. With this in mind, our tech team has made some recent changes to the Service Reminders module to make life just that bit easier for all our customers. Have a read!

So, What's Changed?

One of our first changes is related to the complete list of service reminders that you can find. Within the ‘Customers’ tab, you’ll have a dialogue box containing all your service reminders as a total list ‘View all service reminders’, and you can even decide just to view those that are due in the next 30 days. Expanding the list of all reminders, however, will provide you with further options...

Each reminder on your list will have a ‘Plus’ icon next to them. Opening this will give you the options to go to the customers page to review any information you may need, view the work address for similar purposes, or simply ‘Add new job’ allowing you to create a diary event immediately for the service job. 

Clicking ‘Add new job’ will take you to another newly updated page. This link will not only take you to a job creation screen, but it will automatically fill in the necessary fields with regards to the description and service type, pulling this general information in immediately just means you won’t have to manually re-edit each service job you’re creating from scratch.

While these changes are relatively minor, they are both important to helping you sail through setting up and carrying out your service reminders smoothly. A point of contention we had come up against previously was also related to some slightly ambiguous messaging on our part that we've now rectified.


If a service job is carried out prior to the date it was due to be done, the system will now let you know, in no uncertain terms, that you've got two options from here. You can either, leave the date that it was meant to be carried out as is, meaning that if a job was due on June 1st but was carried out on May 29th instead, the next year (if it's a yearly service), it will still be due on June 1st regardless of when it was carried out the prior year. If, however, you choose not to do this, you can reset the date to carry on one year (or however long the increments you've chose are) from the date when the service was actually carried out. Either way works fine through the system, it's simply a case of choosing the one that suits you and your workflow the best!


graphic_head_lightbulbWe’re also tremendously excited to announce that we’ve recently been in touch regarding a possible integration with Fixflo: a fantastic company that provide a reporting tool to allow your customers to quickly, easily and efficiently report their issues to you as well as having developed a workflow to process and manage these requests equally efficiently! Have a look through their website and get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about it.

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You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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