New Feature Alert: Service Level Agreements

Kafui Mortty

As I'm sure you're all aware, we've recently gone live with our brand new Contracts module. This allows you to maintain any contracts you employ through Commusoft and includes features such as PPM scheduling. Another fantastic feature we've just released in conjunction is SLA management.

Lots of companies employ SLAs (or service level agreements) to maintain a consistent and predictable standard for the jobs that they complete. This helps manage expectations for customers, gives new employees a set of parameters to work within and ensure you're delivering a high quality service to your customers too. If you didn't catch last week's blog, here's a few words from Jason (our CEO) on the topic:

If you're on our Automation or Enterprise plans, you will automatically be able to access our SLA module. This means that any service level agreements you have in place can be integrated into your Commusoft workflows as well. Job, customer, or location specific SLAs can be applied and tracked through this module. You will be able to monitor them to see how close a job is getting to actually breaching an SLA. You can create these to match your existing SLAs.


What are SLAs?

If you're not currently using SLAs or even if you are and are a little unsure or curious about just which kinds of agreements to be putting together, we've put together a piece on which service level agreements you should be offering to your customers. This'll give you a good overview on the nature of SLAs, why they're helpful, some potential difficulties you could face when using them, as well as recommendations for actual agreements.

A little more info:

Commusoft not only allows you to create your SLAs but also to monitor them closely to see if and when they are breached. The system will automatically notify you of any jobs approaching a breach and any that may have already done so. Read here about how you can warn your team about potential SLA breaches

Automating this process also means that you can essentially 'fire and forget' your SLAs and be safe in the knowledge that they will be taken care of by Commusoft. You only need surface-level maintenance to check if any breaches are imminent. This gives you a little peace of mind, so you can be confident setting them up and knowing they will be maintained. Have a look at how automating your SLAs can help you to win bigger contracts too.

If you'd like to contact us about setting yourself up to start using SLAs, as well as the other benefits of our Automation plan, just get in touch with us at or give us a ring on 0203 0266 266.

Have a quick read of some of our contracts knowledge base articles for a more technical overview: Contract templates, Setting up PPM, Setting up SLAs.

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