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Lauren Burgess

Manually filling in electrical certificates is time-consuming (and can frankly be a bit tedious), and having to copy everything over onto digital records that you can attach to your customer’s accounts on Commusoft is an additional task that can take you out of the flow of your day. Whether your engineers use paper records, a spreadsheet or an additional electronic database, there’s no denying that centralising the process in one app would simplify things and help speed up the job.

Well, wish no more.

We’ve now added PAT testing and DEICR certificates to Commusoft, so your engineers can directly input data while they’re on site performing their checks and tests.

As you likely know, we’ve had certificates on the app for some time, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to try them out because they haven’t yet been necessary for your work, you might need a refresher in how to create them.

Our knowledge base has simple tutorials for iPhone and Android mobile users that include video walkthroughs. These are ideal for familiarising yourself with using the certificates section of the app.

Below, you can view screenshots from an Android mobile showing the full selection of electrical certificates and the process of creating PAT test records. We’ve used the example of a photocopier.


pat test comp.png

pat test fin.png

Here’s a full list of the test results that you can input data for:

  • Visual test
  • Polarity test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Insulation test
  • Leakage test
  • Touch leakage test
  • Flash test
  • Load test
  • Clamp test
  • Microwave leakage
  • RCD trip time

You can also add information on this screen relating to any necessary repairs or a reason for test failures.

Remember, you’ll need to create your appliances before filling out a related certificate. There’s no need to wait for office staff to do this, engineers can create them directly from the mobile app by navigating to the menu and opening system settings. Every appliance you’ve saved will continue to appear in your drop-down menus, so the more you have, the less time it will take to create new certificates in the future.

The DEICR certificate is very comprehensive, and it would take us a while to show you every piece of data that it’s possible to include. Check out the video below for a quick overview of what you can expect to find.




We hope you find these new electrical certificates helpful. Keep an eye on the product blog for more updates — we announce new and improved features every week!

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