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Jason Morjaria
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Every business wants to save money. 

Squeezing every last penny helps us become more profitable.  Finding savings though can sometimes be difficult.  Commusoft have a simple, quick to implement solution to remove all the hassle in posting service reminders, invoices, estimates and job reports.  


How does this work?

When you want to print an estimate, invoice, credit note or any other document, simply click 'Print and post' instead of 'Print'.

This is then immediately sent to a secret warehouse where dozens of printers churn out thousands of documents, stuffing them into envelopes and franked ready to be picked up by the Royal Mail.

Save yourself 65p (50%) on each invoice you post!

Most businesses don't realise how much posting a letter costs.  Here's a breakdown based on figures from Gartner, the business research company.  

It covers the physical costs (paper/letter/stamp) along with the time cost of physically printing the invoice, putting it into an envelope and taking it down to the post office.


Office print (mono one side):                  £0.02
Pre-printed letterhead:                            £0.03
C5 envelope:                                              £0.03
Office labour (after hitting print):           £0.60
Mail room labour:                                     £0.07
2nd class stamp:                                       £0.55

Total Pack Price via franking:             £1.30


Saving money is definitely one major benefit of this print and post service, however the reduction of paperwork in the office maybe what pushes you to give the service a try!

five steps to go paperless

Rid your office of paper

Imagine an office without piles of invoices, service reminders and estimates that need to be posted out to customers.  Imagine you could print and post an invoice with a single click, no more hassle, no more forgetting to take the invoice down the post office.

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