Sage 50 version 27 integration with Commusoft

Kafui Mortty

As many of you are already aware, we integrate with various forms of the Sage accounting platform and have done for a number of years. Any Sage users will also likely be aware that late last year they released a new, upgraded version of Sage 26 - the aptly named Sage 50 version 27.

We currently do not have an integration with this specific version in place, however, one is being rapidly developed. Due to the complex nature of the software and it's integrations with Commusoft, this is not something we are taking lightly and our tech team is working hard to ensure that, once released, there won't be any teething problems with the integration itself.

For now, we're asking you to be a little patient as the integration is being put together. As much as we understand the desire to upgrade, doing so at this point would leave you with an as of yet unsupported version of Sage, meaning Commusoft would no longer be able to communicate with it. Our integration should be complete relatively soon, so you won't have to hold back for long, but, please do not upgrade until our integration is fully completed as this will lead to complications.

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