A huge release to reporting that'll get your week off to a great start

Jason Morjaria
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This week we've been hard at work building some impressive new features into our reporting system.

Firstly, two new dashboard widgets. This brings up our library of widgets to seven.


Recalls by engineer


We know recalls are serious things. It costs businesses money and it causes poor customer service. We therefore thought it was vital that you could see the number of recalls 'blamed' on an engineer in a simple to digest pie chart.  A nice way to identify if there's a particular individual causing the problems.


Diary events by status


We also wanted to provide you with much greater insights into your diary events and their status.  You can now see every appointment, every cancellation, every completed appointment, every aborted appointment all from a simple, easy to understand stack bar chart.


Improved reporting with drill down on debtors


Drill down reporting is something we've been working on for a while.  It gives you insights into every person and company that owes you money.  Now not only can you see the sum of the debt, but you can click through and see every individual invoice.


Totals are now visible at the bottom of debtors and sales reports


This is another major step forward in making reporting much, much more useful.  You can now see the totals at the bottom of the sales and debtors reports.


Ability to filter the debtors report by specific customer types

We've added further filters to the debtors report, giving you even more control over what information shows up, helping you to understand which type of customer owes you money.


Big performance boost for the customer screen

We've been working pretty hard in the last 6 months to identify places in the application that can perform better.  The latest area we've looked at is the customer and work address screens.  As of this morning you should find it loads 50% faster (at least).


Ability to see the created by and created date/time on supplier invoices and credit notes

A small but useful improvement.  You can now see the created by and created date/time of supplier invoices and credit notes.  Helpful when auditing who's done what in Commusoft.


Around 25+ minor bugs have been squished

As bugs are reported, we like to squish them as fast as possible.  This week has seen mostly minor bugs, it's always our goal to make things as stable as possible so we'll continue to hunt down and close these issues.

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