Purchase Orders: Updates to the PO PDF

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Managing parts, suppliers, and purchase orders is a key element of Commusoft and something we know clients use and rely on everyday. As of next week, we are making an adjustment to the purchase order PDF to better communicate several pieces of information to your suppliers:

  • Added: Delivery/collection date
  • Added: Delivery/collection address
  • Added: Supplier product code
  • Removed: Customer name

With these changes, which have been requested by several clients, you can avoid confusion with suppliers and reduce the risk of parts being delivered via the wrong method, to the wrong location, or on the wrong date. The smoother the communication between your business and your suppliers, the easier it is for everyone - especially your customers - who can benefit from more timely delivery of parts and completion of work.

Please note, parts, suppliers, and purchase orders are available on Commusoft's Go Paperless plan and above. If you are on the Start-up plan and would like to discuss upgrading, our team are happy to chat with you further.

PO PDF changes

The example below shows a purchase order PDF before this update.

PO before

Below you can see how the PDF would now look following this update, showing the delivery dates, methods, supplier product code, and with the customer name removed.

PO PDF After

Organising by delivery method and date

Instead of a single list of all parts being purchased, the PO will now group parts by their delivery/collection method, date, and address. This will make it very clear to suppliers which parts are to be collected by your team (and when), which parts are to be delivered to your office (and when), and which parts are to be delivered to site (with the exact address and date too).

PO PDF After labelled copy

With this change, you can expect to reduce the risk of parts being delivered to the wrong location and avoid parts arriving early (and therefore having a higher chance of them being misplaced).

In addition to this, when parts are being collected by your team, the branch address will be displayed instead of the supplier's main address - this is also helpful to ensure engineers know exactly where they need to collect parts from.

Adding supplier product codes (SPC)

To reduce the risk of the wrong part being supplied, a supplier product code will be able to be assigned to each part from System settings > Parts and prices. When available, this will pull through onto the PO PDF along with the part name, so the supplier can find the exact part you have requested.

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 13.21.12

Removing customer names

To maintain the privacy of your customers and ensure compliance with GDPR, the customer/occupant's name will no longer be shown on the purchase order PDF.

We are also working on additional improvements to purchase orders - and will share more information in the near future! Until then, we hope this update helps you to communicate even better with your suppliers.

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