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Here at Commusoft, we know that every field service business needs job management software that’s as flexible and hardworking as they are. We do our absolute best to include everything we believe our clients need to get the job done and this is why we’re adding value all the time with new features like portals and vehicle tracking.

However, we know that there are times when you need something that we don't currently offer or something specific to your business. These situations can be fulfilled via Commusoft's paid professional services, currently including:

Custom certificates

Digital certificates in Commusoft

Commusoft offer many industry-standard certificates for a variety of industries (see new gas, oil, fire, and solar certs!). However, every business
is unique and may require their engineers and workers to complete
on-site paperwork that is custom to their company.

In order for your business to go totally paperless and receive the full benefits of digital job management, it is vital that you can digitise all of the certificates and forms your company uses and store that information safely within a single system.

Meet your business's unique needs

To help with this need, Commusoft is offering a paid professional service that allows our expert developers to build custom certificates into the software for you to use. These certificates and forms are specific to and personalised for your business and will only be available to your company’s Commusoft users.

Custom certificates and forms work exactly the same as the current industry-standard digital certificates included in Commusoft, meaning they have all these great benefits:

  • Complete on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet
  • Complete offline and sync to the system when signal returns
  • Record customer and engineer signatures from your device
  • Print, email, and post (if you have this service) from the mobile application and PC system
  • Store completed certificate PDFs in the software indefinitely, providing an accurate work history

Pricing and next steps

Prices for custom certificates start from £500 (+VAT) and the full cost is dependent on how many pages the certificate has - more pages means more development work.

Please check out our Custom Certificates Brochure for full pricing information and details of what we would need from you to get started. If you're interested, please follow the steps in the brochure and we can get to work on building a custom certificate for your business.

Download Custom Certificates Brochure

Fast-Track Feature Requests

Alongside our custom certificates offering, we have an additional professional service - fast-track feature requests.

It is our goal to add as many features as we believe our client’s need in order to maximise their productivity and streamline their business. However, there are occasions when you require and request a specific new feature to be added as soon as possible, which we may not have plans to develop.

Whilst a requested feature may provide significant and valuable benefits to your business, it may not offer the same to other companies. When we receive any request we evaluate several things - is it right for Commusoft? How long will it take us? How many users will it benefit? Is it worth the investment? Like your business, it's important for us to make the right decisions to maintain a sustainable and growing company.

In situations where it might not be a sensible use of our time to fulfil a request, we now offer a fast-track feature request as a paid service. This allows you to pay for the development costs and ensure your ideas are implemented as soon as possible.

A new team devoted to your requests

Building a job management system is complex. Our developers are working on a range of features at any given time, some which take weeks, whilst others may take over a year. This is why we have created a professional services development team devoted specifically to fast-track feature requests.

Our professional services team allows us to provide an even better service for everyone. Our main development team remains focused on the overall vision of designing and releasing new Commusoft features for all of our clients, whilst our fast-track team deal with new custom feature requests.

Who is this for?

This service is for anyone who quickly needs a custom feature to be developed within Commusoft. As a professional service and considering that software development takes many hours of skilled labour, billing will be per day of development and typically cost a minimum of £1000 (+VAT). Large or complex features will naturally cost more than this. Therefore, our fast-track service is more suitable for features that will have a significant impact on your business and generate value for your employees.

Unlike custom certificates, which are only available to your company, feature requests are implemented to the core Commusoft system for everyone to access.

To read more about fast-track feature requests, please see our brochure below, which includes factors to consider and next steps if you are considering this service.

Download fast-track request brochure

If you have a smaller request or do not wish to use professional services, we will of course consider all suggestions and ideas, but will implement these as and when we see fit.

Have you been enjoying your experience with Commusoft so far? We’re always looking for ways to improve and your feedback is instrumental in making our service the best in the business. Please leave us a review on Capterra to share your thoughts.

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