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Kafui Mortty

Over the past few weeks, we've been talking about our new contracts module. We're excited to see people taking advantage already and look forward to hearing even more of your feedback!

Please note - Contracts and PPM are available to all customers on our Paperless Office plan and above. If you're not on this plan, book a meeting or call the team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today

Today, we want to draw your attention to one of the features included with contracts - PPM (or preventative planned maintenance). Jason had a few words to say on how this came to be included within our contracts module (have a look here if you didn't get a chance to see previously):

This feature allows you to structure your PPM schedules to include any multitude of tasks you may need to carry out for each one. Our planned service scheduling system (below), helps you to organise these events into the most efficient patterns possible with our validation system. Similar to our intelligent scheduling feature, this recommends windows in which your PPM jobs would best be suited to take place, giving you the option to optimise their deployment.

PPM Scheduler

These events and PPM schedules can be applied to your various contracts and deployed for your customers as and when you need them. Not only that, but you can define how long before a task is due that you would like it to appear as a job in your system, so you can plan around according to it and handle the various job events without needing to micromanage anything.

This feature also means that once you've got a PPM schedule set up within your contracts module, you can use it for any customers or properties without having to set it up again whenever you need it, cutting down on those tiresome and repetitive tasks.

Our PPM feature is available on our Paperless Office plan and above, if you'd like to learn more and get started, please contact us at support@commusoft.co.uk.

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