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Marine Klein
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A single search bar to search everything

A single search bar to rule them all.  Now you can access search from any screen in the system. You can type in a word or phrase and Commusoft will look for customers, suppliers, estimates, jobs, invoices and much more in an instant.  A simple, easy to use search tool to make you much more productive.



Search is important.  Everyone uses search, everyday, multiple times per day to find customers, estimates, jobs, invoices etc.  It’s therefore important that search is quick and easy to use. Commusoft’s latest upgrade has supercharged customer search making it easier, faster and available on every screen in the software.

We really wanted to improve our users lives making search simpler and less frustrating.  We’d heard clients found our previous search tools a little clunky which often required the user to type in a search term and then select what they were searching for.

This is no longer the case.  

A more powerful search engine

We wanted to make search far more powerful than ever before.  We therefore rebuilt our search technology from the ground up.  Our search engine now lets you search for customers' names, address, postcode, telephone numbers, additional contacts, email addresses and much, much more. No messing about.  It’s a simple, powerful customer search tool that helps, not hinders your office staff from getting more done.

Commusoft have also introduced the same search engine into the mobile application, letting you access customers and suppliers on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.


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