PDFs, letterheads and print and post all get a massive upgrade

Jason Morjaria
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Every business deserves amazing looking paperwork.  This includes not just how it looks on screen, but how it comes out the printer.

We're brining you a number of really important changes, helping you to carefully setup and maintain incredibly professional looking paperwork.

Setting up your stationery

This may seem trivial, but we want every detail of Commusoft to be flexible and enjoyable to use, solving your problems and letting you focus on running your business.

You can set set multiple margins when setting up your stationary.  This includes both a print margin and a content margin.  This gives you complete control over how your content looks when emailed and printed.

A few things we previously overlooked have also been fixed.  You can now switch between fully custom header/footers (created by a designer) or use Commusoft's built in template.  A small, but important change.


We've also given you the ability to upload your own industry specific logos in the bottom right corner of your paperwork.  This allows you to either pick an industry logo from our library, or, if it's not in our library, upload it with a few clicks.

Finally, we've allowed you to delete industry logos.  This missing feature is a simple addition, but makes it a lot easier to customise your paperwork when and how you like it.

Use pre-printed stationary

You can also now set how your letterheads and logos will appear when printed vs emailed.  This lets you choose to display your company logo when the software emails your invoices/statements etc but leaves gaps for your pre-printed stationary when you choose to print it out.

Go paperless with print and post

While print and post has been out a while, we had a few issues with the way in which it was being billed to clients.  This meant we had to take it offline for a few months while we addressed those issues.  We're pleased to announce it's back.

It utilises all the new improved tools mentioned above and can be used to print invoices, estimates, job reports, service reminders and basically anything else in Commusoft.

It's an amazing tool and will simplify every single service businesses office by cutting out paperwork once and for all.

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