Payment integrations: How can they help? + Black Friday deal!

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If you weren’t already aware, Commusoft allows you to connect to an array of different integrations, including payment gateways. We currently offer integrations with SumUp, Worldpay and Stripe. If you are on the Go Paperless plan and above, these companies allow you to receive payment on-site as soon as the job is completed, eliminating the need to chase after debts and improving your cash flow.

Your engineers will be able to either send the customer a link to an online payment gateway or use a wireless card reader, providing you and your customer with greater freedom, flexibility and confidence.

What benefits could this bring to your business?

Well for a start, studies have shown that companies that use mPOS (mobile Point of Sales) have an increased cash flow to those that don’t! Let’s have a look at some other benefits below:

  • Reduced cash handling: Especially at a time when handling cash can be seen as more of a nuisance than before, using a mobile point of sale can eliminate the need for it entirely. With any of our payment integrations, you can allow your customers to pay using their debit or credit cards either through an online gateway or with pocket-sized card readers!

  • Improved customer experience: These integrations allow for quick hassle-free payment which, in turn, help to provide customers with a great experience. Not only can this help improve current customers’ experience but it can also be a channel for customer acquisition if displayed on your website.

  • Accounting and reporting: With cashless payments for every transaction, accounting transactions and revenue is easier and more efficient. As every transaction is recorded proficiently, it saves money, time and human power used in accounting the sales. With these integrations, you are able to easily visualise your cash flow in real-time.

As with every business decision, it is important to look at the negatives of using new software, so you can make a fully informed decision:

  • Cost: As you would expect, to use these integrations there is a cost. Some require a monthly subscription whilst others take a small percentage of each sale. A good way to view the cost of using this software is to look at how much you could potentially save.

  • Need for connectivity: In order for your customers to be able to pay they will either need to be connected to the internet or the card reader will have to be. However, your customers are very likely to have wifi in their homes or workplace and some card readers even come with built-in 3G!

Now that we have looked over the pros and cons of using our payment integrations, if you still need more persuading, our friends over at SumUp are offering a great Black Friday Deal!


*Sign up for SumUp between 22 - 29th November to qualify for this offer

Click here to find out more. Of course, if you know someone that might be interested in this deal then you can share it with them too!

Want to use on-site payments?

If you would like to use on-site payments but are not currently on the Go Paperless plan, please click here to get in contact with our sales team. If you do not yet own or use any payment software/gateways but would like to start using on-site payments, take a look at our integrations here to see what would best fit your business.

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