Our Commusoft to Outlook Calendar Integration!

Kafui Mortty

You guys are probably aware that we've recently integrated Commusoft with Google's calendar to allow you to connect the two. We got some great feedback on this from you and in light of that, we've recently put in place another integration, this time with the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

You can now easily connect Commusoft with your Outlook calendar, enabling you to sync events with Commusoft and have them appear on your Outlook calendar simultaneously and vice versa. This means that events that you create through Commusoft (jobs, estimates, normal events, etc) will be automatically shown on your Outlook calendar too.

This also means that events you create directly onto your Outlook calendar will come through to be displayed on your Commusoft diary too. Although it is worth noting that whilst Commusoft allows you to set up recurring events, the calendar integration is not equipped with this functionality.

Getting set up:

Similar to our Google integration, getting this set up only takes a matter of seconds. Just go to your profile logo (the user image in the top right corner). From the dropdown menu, select 'Connect to calendar'. This will take you to a page where you can select which calendar you'd like to integrate Commusoft with. Simply select Outlook calendar.

Clicking 'Connect' will take you to a Microsoft page that requests you confirm to give Commusoft permission to edit your Outlook calendar.

Once this has been done, you will be able to sync events between your calendars. Creating a job or estimate etc. within Commusoft will create a corresponding event on your Outlook calendar. The event will contain all the details that you put through Commusoft to give a comprehensive summary.

Adding an event through your Outlook calendar will create an event in Commusoft too, however, this will always appear as a 'Normal' event on your Commusoft diary, so you won't be able to create events as estimates or jobs this way.

More integrations for Outlook users

Commusoft also offers an Outlook Email integration, which can pull customer details straight into your email client! Learn more here or install the Outlook add-on.

Outlook customer detail

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