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Lauren Burgess

With so many industries able to use Commusoft, we’d never be able to keep up with the hundreds of forms and certificates different businesses require to carry out their work. We make sure to include the most commonly-used industry standard certificates for oil, electrical and gas businesses and we’re in the process of adding more all the time, but we appreciate that you might have some unique ones we’d never think of!

Because of this, many of our clients have chosen to use other services that allow them to produce digital forms to be used on jobs. One such service is naturalForms. Like us, naturalForms envisions a future of paperless jobs, instant data processing and a reduction in unnecessary admin time, so it seemed only natural (mind the pun!) that we should set up an integration.

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The integration will allow you to automatically pull through your Commusoft customer details to the naturalForms document and save the file as a PDF against a job. Setup is simple, and only takes a minute or two. You’ll need to make sure you repeat the process for each form template that you’d like to use with Commusoft, but we promise it’s super quick! You’ll be back to doing what you do best in no time at all.

Check out the video below and follow the steps to perform your initial integration.



For this video, we created a test form using the naturalForms Designer. You can of course create any design you like, but the important thing to know is that the input fields need to match up with Commusoft’s fields. For example, JobID or CustomerName. This is what allows the data to be recognised as equivalent and be pulled through (assuming it’s available in Commusoft’s records). The only field you must have on every template is JobID, all others are optional. 

 Any template you create and save will appear the same way on your template list—with a red settings icon and no assigned users. Users are the people that have naturalForms subscriptions, and by assigning them, you make that form available to that user. The way their subscription service works is that you pay $10 per month (around £7.50) for each device with an active naturalForms app.

You can set up as many integrated templates as you like. You’ll also of course need both the Commusoft app and naturalForms app on your engineers’ device (either Android or iOS mobiles and tablets) when they’re at the job.

Check out the video below to see how the integration will work on your engineers’ mobile device:


As you can see, naturalForms has its own section in the certificates list with your connected templates. Once you click into it, you can complete the form as normal and then hit submit. It then becomes available as a PDF against the job.

If you're a user of naturalForms, we hope you enjoy using this integration! Please do let us know if you have any other suggestions for integrations that could improve your work via this link and don't forget to leave us a Capterra review if you'd like to give us some feedback.

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