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We're back this week with even more updates and upgrades! Similarly to our last 'batch', a lot of these changes, on a macro and a specific level and centred around, based off of, or shamelessly stolen from your own feedback and requests. We've got lots more changes planned for the near and distant future, keep an eye out for our blog releases to make sure you stay in the loop!

This week you can have a look at our updates surrounding:

Two new Tags have arrived!

As you’re all aware, our fantastic tagging system is a way to make it quicker, easier, and more efficient for you to craft and send out your messages. These auto-fill tags cover a wide range of information from job numbers to customers’ names and addresses, meaning you don’t have to personalise each message individually.

For everyone using our Automation plan (or our new Customer Journey plan), we've got 2 amazing news tags to make your lives ever easier...

The 'Job Booking Portal' Tag

Our newest tag adds a whole new level of functionality to this feature. The ‘booking_portal_link’ is exactly that! A link that takes customers to a form in which they can, book in their own job appointments. Once they’ve decided and chosen a slot for their jobs, it will simply auto-fill to your own Commusoft diary as well, you won’t need to follow up or enter anything yourself!

The system ensures there won’t be any clashes and your customers will be presented with the best-suited slots and engineers based on their availability, job skills, etc.

The 'Service Reminder Booking Portal' Tag

Similarly to our ‘booking portal link’ for jobs on Automation, we’ve introduced a portal through which you can allow your customers to book in their very own service reminder appointment dates and times!

This really cuts down on the back and forth necessary between you and your customers to pencil something into the diary and leaves you free to let them decide when is best for you both. The link will appear in the email you send out, and, just like the booking portal for jobs, they will be taken to a site through which they will be able to see available times and slots and simply choose the best suited:


This information (the chosen appointment slot) will be automatically pulled through and applied to your own diary so as soon as they’ve made their decision you’ll be able to see for yourself!

We've upgraded the Accounting Dashboard!

In order to make our accounting dashboard even clearer and easy to navigate, we’ve made a couple of changes related to customers’ and suppliers’ payments and how they’re displayed within the system.

Previously, we just showed successfully imported payments within the ‘payments’ tab. We’ve now decided to separate this information into another clear tab of its own, giving you a complete list of specifically imported customer payments:

Another change to the display setting for customer/supplier payments can be seen if or when you get any failed imports. Previously, we had an option to simply ‘archive’ any failed payments, rendering them inactive and inaccessible through Commusoft.

After some thoughtful feedback from our team and our customers, we’ve now created a dropdown menu instead with the following display options:

  • All  - this option shows active failures as well as any archived failures.
  • Failed - this option shows only active failures and nothing that you may have archived.
  • Archived - this option shows only archived failures and nothing active.

This allows you to analyse and organise any failed import payments with greater clarity and specificity!

Behind the scenes...

The fantastic work our backend developers cannot be overstated. They work round the clock to make things as efficient as possible throughout the system. A lot of what goes on outside of the updates you see consists of maintenance and repairs keeping everything running smoothly.

Last time we had been working hard on upgrading the functionality behind our various accounting integrations...


Recently, there have been even more backend performance improvements to our mobile platforms (iOS or Android). These changes keep the mobile apps running at maximum capacity and make it easier for us to update them without causing issues for your users.

For example, a recent change to our customer, job, and estimate notes on iOS and Android means that we can begin to cut down on any syncing issues that may begin to arise as the volume of notes increases. This also means that in order to add or edit these notes you'll need to have an internet connection.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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