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We have released several new features that are all part of what we like to call 'portals'. Our online portals enhance the Commusoft experience by providing new ways to interact with your customers, saving you time and resources when completing daily tasks.

With the recent release of the engineer profile portal, all five of our planned portals have been released. You can check them all out below, including the key benefits for each and instructions on how to set them up.

Please bear in mind that this feature is only available on our Paperless Office plan and above. If you're not on this plan, book a meeting or call the team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today.

Invoice Portal

Invoice portal

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Set up: See blog

The invoice portal allows customers to pay their invoice online and get paid
faster than before.

  • Customers can quickly and easily pay their invoices
  • Take credit and debit card payments online
  • Records of payment automatically saved in Commusoft

Estimate Portal

estimates portal

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Set up: Knowledge base

The estimate portal allows customers to accept an estimate online and pay any initial deposits.

  • Give customers a better way to accept estimates
  • Take deposit payments with credit and debit cards online
  • Records of accepted estimates and payments automatically saved in Commusoft

Online Booking Form

online booking form

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Add our booking form to your website and take job requests from customers directly into Commusoft.

  • Customers have more ways to give you their business
  • Save time transferring job requests into Commusoft
  • Sit back and we'll notify you when their is a new request

After-Sales Care Portal

after-sales care

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Set up: Knowledge base

Measure customer satisfaction by following up with our simple customer survey. Find out how you're doing and where you can improve.

  • Intuitive thumbs up/ thumbs down rating system
  • Customer feedback gives insight into strengths and weaknesses
  • New report - see overall customer satisfaction

Engineer Profile Portal 

Read more: See blogengineer profile portal
Set up:
 See blog 

Send customers a link to the engineer's profile, so they can see who is on their way to complete the job. Enhanced functionality when used with vehicle tracking, allowing the customer to track the engineer en route to the property.

  • Give customers a reassuring and professional experience
  • Engineer profile includes name, photo, and industry credentials
  • Reduce no-access jobs by providing an ETA to the property

Have you been enjoying your experience with Commusoft's portal features so far? We’re always looking for ways to improve and your feedback is instrumental in making our service the best in the business. Please leave us a review on Capterra to share your thoughts.

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