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On September 10th, there will be a few small updates to the online booking form that we released in June. It's an exciting feature that lets your customers request jobs via your website and have that request received directly in Commusoft.

The online booking form has three minor updates:

  • Added phone number field
  • Made clear that the booking has been requested, not confirmed
  • Settings page updates

I'll outline the exact changes below, so you will be fully prepared  when they go live next week. If you haven't checked out the online booking form yet, check out the blog for all the details setup and instructions.

Please bear in mind that this feature is only available on the Paperless Office plan and higher. If you are not on this plan, have a chat with our sales team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today.

Added phone number field

We understand that it would be helpful for you to be able to respond to a booking request by calling the individual and not relying solely on email. Therefore, the first improvement is the addition of a phone number field. When a customer is filling in their contact details in the form, they will now have the option to provide their landline or mobile number.

Booking form phone number

Bookings are requested

This improvement is intended to make it clear to your customers that this form is only to request an appointment and is not a guaranteed appointment. After all, the customer does not know your availability on the requested date, whether you can complete the job requested, or whether you even service their area.

To ensure that customers do not leave the booking form feeling that they have booked and confirmed an appointment - resulting in potential disappointment - we have updated the language used in the form.

  • The button that you embed onto your website currently reads "Book an appointment", instead, it will now say "Request an appointment".
  • "Confirm your booking" is now "Confirm your booking request".
  • "Click submit to book your appointment" is now "Click submit to request your appointment".

Booking form request

We believe these small changes will make it clear to your customers exactly what they are doing and ultimately offer them a better experience, reducing potential for disappointment or confusion.

Settings page updates

The final change has no impact on your customer's experience, it is purely for us to maintain consistency and tidiness within Commusoft. When we initially released this feature, it was called the "mini app", however, we decided that "online booking form" was a more accurate description of the tool's function.

Currently, in 'System settings' you will still see the name "mini app". This will be updated to reduce potential confusion and to fully remove the old name. Therefore, the settings page title will change from:

Customise mini app > to >  Set up online booking form

At the same time as this, we will also remove the additional settings page "Mini app payment settings" and merge this setting into "Set up online booking form". This brings all the settings for the online booking form into one location - much more simple.

Online booking form settings

That does it for the improvements to the online booking form. If you cannot see these changes as of September 10th, make sure you clear your browser's cache - this should allow you to see the latest version of Commusoft.

We love to hear your thoughts! If you haven't already, please leave us a Capterra review letting us know how we're doing.

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