Instantly call customers from the Commusoft mobile app

Lauren Burgess

Staying in touch with your customers and giving them the information they want is crucial if you’re going to provide a great customer experience. It’s personal touches like calling with updates on their jobs that will create advocates that sell the value of your services on your behalf.

At Commusoft, we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier for you to connect with your customers. That’s why we’ve introduced some new functionality on the mobile application for both iPhone and Android mobile users. Now, when you navigate to a customer’s details, you’ll be able to click on the phone icon to immediately pull up your mobile’s dialing screen and call them.

Check out the videos below for a walkthrough of how the process looks:


In addition to tapping the phone symbol from the customer contact page, you can also tap the customer’s name which will take you through to their full details including social media links and date of birth. The phone symbol on this page will also call the attached contact number.


iPhone users are able to simply tap the word “Telephone” from the customer contact page in order to make a call, or can go through to the contact editing page and tap the phone symbol.

It’s important to note that tablet users will not be able to view this option as although they are able to make calls through applications such as Skype and WhatsApp, the tablets themselves do not have a SIM card and therefore cannot make calls on their own. This of course also applies to mobile users who, for whatever reason, are currently using a phone without a SIM card for Commusoft. 

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