Coming soon: An exciting new Communication Integration - Office 365!

Kafui Mortty

We're extremely proud of the various integrations that we offer, and the more they're utilised, the more we realise just how useful they are, from calendar integrations to accounting packages as well our our existing communication integrations (including MailChimp).

We've decided to add yet another communication integration - Office 365 - to cut back on admin work, save you the trouble of bouncing from program to program, and avoid having to learn and tricky new software or have to spend your own time going through the SMTP setup if you don't want to. Using a system you're familiar with was something we think will massively improve ease of use and save you oodles of time to boot.

Most of you will already have a decent idea of how to utilise the email system and SMTP through Commusoft to great effect - if you're not yet familiar with this feature, here's a great video from Hannah on just that.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for the 365 integration to pop up on your systems!

Use a system that you already know!

We're going to be integrating with 2 of the most common mail providers going forward, meaning that you'll be able to connect your own account even easier very soon! We've already connected with Gmail, so if you're not already using that, talk to our support team to find out how much it can speed up your workflows.

Office 365 will be soon available to connect with through Commusoft directly. We understand that SMTP can be quite tricky to set up and manage, especially with things like password changes.

This integration totally eliminates those difficulties by allowing to use your very own email account without having to do anything but set it up, quickly and easily, through your Commusoft account. Utilising software you're already familiar with and use on a regular basis has massive benefits in terms of speed (you probably know your email like the back of your hand!) and also efficiency.

Quick, simple, and easy to set up!

As you can see from our mock-up, you'll be able to set these up in literally seconds from your system's setting with absolutely no limit on how many separate email addresses you'd like to integrate with your account! Please get in touch with our support team to find out even more about how this improves your workflows and, by extension, your customer journeys!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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