Office tasks made easier to access

Jason Morjaria
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We've heard clients loud and clear. Office tasks are incredibly powerful, but accessing them via a report was too slow and didn't naturally fit within your daily workflow.

Over the weekend we've released a brilliant update, allowing you to access office tasks at all times, wherever you are within the software.


As you can see, we've added a new icon into the top navigation which allows you to see the number of office tasks assigned to you.  Not only that, but if the icon is glowing 'white', then you can see that there are unassigned office tasks that also need doing.


From the side panel you can see all the office tasks assigned to you.  You can mark them as complete by clicking on the little checkbox.  If you want to view the customer or job, you can click on the blue links, taking you through to the customer or job screen.

If you click into the unassigned list, you can mark them as complete or assign the office task to yourself.  This makes it significantly easier to organise and manage office tasks throughout the software.


If you're logged into Commusoft today and can't see the new feature, please clear your cache on your browser.

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