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Office tasks is a task list for office staff which allows both office staff and engineers to create office tasks which are linked to estimates or jobs.   The office task feature already available on PC and Android and now on iOS gives users a lot more control and flexibility over how tasks are managed within the office and lets managers report on what tasks have been completed by which office person, helping to provide transparency in the office.

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Assigning tasks to estimate or jobs on from your mobile
It’s now possible to assign office tasks to both estimates and jobs on your iOS device.  It’s important that service businesses can track not only what is going on in the field, but what needs to happen in the office (and what’s happened in the office). 


Allocating a task to an individual user from your mobile device 
Office tasks can be unassigned (linked to no one) or assigned to a particular user. 


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Marking an office task as ‘Done’
As you’d expect, office tasks operate in a similar way to a task list.  These tasks are created and then finally marked as ‘Done’ once they are complete.


Displaying office tasks prominently on the estimate and job screen
When viewing the estimate or job screen on the mobile it’s critical that office tasks are (clearly visible so nothing is missed). 

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Using #hashtags to aid reporting
Simply use a hashtag to identify (tag) a task so it can easily be found later within reports.  For example, "Please #call the customer to arrange for a new appointment to fit the electrical unit".  This is particularly useful when you have several tasks with the same hashtag. 

Read more about Office task on PC (click here)


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