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Today, we're pleased to share some exciting news! We've been working on adding a new integration into Commusoft, expanding the software's already vast functionality. 

Our latest integration will allow you to connect Commusoft directly to your suppliers, the first integration of its kind! As a starting point, we're pleased to announce the new supplier integration, direct with Wolseley.

The new integration will allow you to:

Note: this supplier integration will only be available for users on the Go Paperless plan, Paperless office and above. If you want to upgrade to use this new integration, you can book a call with the Sales Team through the CommuBot here.

In addition, for this integration to work, you will need to make sure that the parts that you have uploaded into Commusoft also have supplier product codes saved against them.

There are a number of ways that you can do this and for more information, click to view the following article: "Improved Parts Search".

Electronic purchase orders

At Commusoft, we're always working hard to improve our software. We want to ensure that we're making it easier for you to run your business, every day!

With our latest integration, we believe we've achieved that. Now, you'll be able to send electronic PO's directly to Wolseley through Commusoft. This will eliminate the need for you to send a PDF via email or post.

Ultimately, through the steps we've taken, we've streamlined the PO process and this will enable you to restock faster, with much less hassle.

How to set up the integration

First, to set up this integration, you will need to have an active account number with Wolseley. You will also need to have added Wolseley as one of your suppliers in Commusoft, so make sure this has been done beforehand, too.

With your account number and suppliers added, next, head over to the Integrations section on your company settings page within Commusoft, and click the 'Connect to the supplier' button.

Next, type in the 'Wolseley' or the specific branch that you want to connect to. 

To search for them, all you need to do is type in the first few characters of the name that you assigned them within Commusoft. For example, if you have named them ‘Parts dealer’ you can type in ‘par’ and it will appear. If you have multiple branches associated with Wolseley you will need to link to the specific branch you want to connect to, this will require the branch name, address, and branch code.

Once completed you can click 'Save' and this will send a request to Wolseley to be verified and accepted.

Note: as verification is a manual process, it may take 24 to 72 hours to be completed and approved.

Wolseley integration gif

After it has been approved by Wolseley you will find that you have the option to ‘Send to Wolseley via integration’ at the top of the 'Purchase order details' screen (see screenshot below).

Once you have clicked this and confirmed, you will be able to see an alert confirming the date and time that the PO has been sent to your supplier.

PO sent to Wolseley

When creating a PO, if the delivery method is ‘Collect from branch’, make sure to select the correct branch you have connected when setting up the integration, otherwise, the PO will not send.

You will also notice that a live price shows in the 'Unit cost' column, though we will talk about this in the section below.

Note: The Wolseley integration is restricted to only parts, so if any items are added to the PO it will fail.

Live pricing

This integration also includes live pricing, which allows you to see the real-time prices of the parts you want to order from your suppliers. This will help to remove any ambiguity in the way Commusoft generates the cost price on purchase orders.

Live prices will show after your integration has been accepted and verified by Wolseley and once you have input the corresponding supplier product code for each of your parts.

When adding a part into your PO you will see the price in the 'Unit cost' column changing from what you had previously saved, to the current live price. Lives prices will be indicated by a coloured star (as below).

Green star live price

A green star indicates that this is a live price.  If you see a green, yellow or red clock icon, this means the price isn't 'live' (coming from the Wolseley integration) and in fact is coming from the stored value in system settings. 

Want to use this feature?

This feature will be available for clients who are on the Go Paperless plan, Paperless office and above. If you are not eligible but would like to use this feature, book a call with our sales team here

If you are on the Paperless Office plan or want more information on how to set it up then contact support: Alternatively, you can read our knowledge-based guide on the Wolseley integration.

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